Backpacking in Argentina: Staying at the Cruz Del Sur Hostel, Ushuaia

Backpacking in Argentina: Staying at the Cruz Del Sur Hostel, Ushuaia


I actually stayed in 4 different places while in Ushuaia, the world’s most southerly city in November 2010. My sole purpose to visit Ushuaia was to go to Antarctica and I basically used the city as a stepping stone for that trip of a lifetime. I stayed in the horrible Hotel Ushuaia (as organised by GAP) for the first night, then spent a night here in the excellent Cruz Del Sur hostel. On arrival back from Antarctica we spent a night in our cabin in the harbour and then due to the fact that Cruz Del Sur Hostel was full I ended up in Patagonia Pais. So now to Cruz Del Sur Hostel, translating itself as The Southern Cross.

I happened upon the excellent Cruz Del Sur Hostel after being refused entry to the Hotel Ushuaia due to a tour fuck up, and I immediately warmed to this nice homely hostel. Breakfast included, and laundry available. 

Plus a decent room and bed for the night in the all male dorm, including my own locker. My bed is the top right in that photo.

The entrance hall and reception at Hostel Cruz Del Sur with nice wooden units to relax by and a kitchen in behind.

Happiness on arrival in Cruz Del Sur Hostel.

The front and entrance to Cruz Del Sur Hostel, the hostel must have started as the small building on the left then extended when they became popular. The bit on the right is the current reception.

The kitchen had free tea and coffee. Plus a decent fridge and cooker.

I’ve mentioned Ushuaia itself a number of times, a few more photos there just as a reminder of what this city is about. The end of the world, the bottom of the planet.

In my room was a guy called Andreas from Switzerland. I invited him out to the Galway Irish Pub in town, rumoured to be the world’s most southerly Irish Pub. I got the Northern Ireland flag out at the entrance.

Andreas and I enjoy a dark Beagle Ale in the world’s most southerly Irish Pub.

Welcome sign in hall.

The corridor to my room.

Boys only toilets and showers.

I also met a number of interesting people in Cruz Del Sur Hostel, notably the couple John and Laura Mertens. Laura, a Scot concentrates on travelling the world on the hunt for gluten free food and writes about it – she’s an enthusiastic lady who also worked in South Korea. Her partner John is a funny guy from the United States, also with his own witty and interesting websites based on his travels and moments that make him laugh, he has a number of excellent websites including ). I enjoyed a cup of tea and chat with them while munching some ham and cheese baguettes. 

They were spending a long time in Argentina alone, and a real coincidence would happen later when I did the 4 day Inca Trail in Peru with a lady called Mirka who had also met Laura on her travels. The day after leaving Cruz Del Sur hostel, life would never be the same again, as I headed south to Antarctica…

Where – Cruz Del Sur Hostel, 242 Deloqui Street, Ushuaia, ARGENTINA

Room Price – About $8 US Dollars

Nationalities Met – Scottish, US, Swiss, German, Argentinian

Key Song –




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