Backpacking in Australia: Eaglehawk Neck, Tasman Arch, Devil’s Kitchen in Tasmania

Backpacking in Australia: Eaglehawk Neck, Tasman Arch, Devil’s Kitchen in Tasmania

I waited until June 2010 to see these three things, when really I should have ticked them off and seen them all in February 2010, in my first week in Tasmania. They are not must dos or must sees by any means. But if you’re on the Tasman Peninsula, why drive past and bother to miss them?
Well we did back in February 2010, when Paul hired a car and drove with Daniel, Neil and me to see the Tasmanian Devils, we somehow neglected some of the natural beauty spots on the way.

I’ll detail a stunning trip to Port Arthur and the spooky Isle of The Dead at some point, but this is about some natural places to see on the Tasmanian Devil Peninsula. The lonely road there is that one on the left.


From the island of Forestier Peninsula, there is a bridge across to the Tasman Peninsula (often known as the Tasmanian Devil Peninsula) If you take a left turn almost as soon as you’re on that wee island, you will see Eaglehawk neck…


So called because obviously the water inlet is the shape of an eaglehawk including the neck…

The beach at Eaglehawk Neck Bay.
Some lonely boats.
There’s a small settlement at Eaglehawk Neck. Here’s a view of some of the houses.
A wooden beach side shack at Eaglehawk Neck.
Beachside path on the eastern side of the bay.
Pirates Bay beach looking north.
Pirates Bay beach looking south.
There’s a Rickety Wooden House there, early settlers once lived in it.
The Tasman Arch was impressive. A cliff edged inlet which water flowed thick and fast through and crashed against the inland rock face. A totally natural arch.
As you can see.
There were a lot of people there when I went and it’s quite a popular place for dog walkers.
I walked to the lookout point on the east coast, and was amazed by the views. Here’s a few shots.
Looking south towards Antarctica.
Looking due east towards New Zealand.
Looking north to God knows where.
A single rainbow.

A double rainbow.


Further round the walk was the Devil’s Kitchen. An odd name you may think, but I could see the reasoning.


You could come to a death in there and become food for the devil, literally.


A steep drop, fast waves.


More glorious views out to sea.


The best part of all this sightseeing was, that apart from petrol money to drive there…it was free.






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