Backpacking in Australia: Four Times In Forth, Tasmania

Backpacking in Australia: Four Times In Forth, Tasmania

I worked in Forth a few times while staying in Tasmania. And on a range of things as it turned out.

The village itself is tiny. One main street with a petrol station/shop, plus the token local pub the “Bridge Hotel”, which by no coincidence is right next to the Forth Bridge, over the Forth River. Forth is in northern Tasmania, just east and inland a wee bit from Devonport.

A better view of the Bridge Hotel.

The Forth Bridge.

The Forth River.

I once stayed over night in Forth – just slept in my car by the river, with the rain trickling down…

That day I was working at Kindrid, which I had never heard of, but agreed to meet my manager Hayley at Forth petrol station and follow her up there.

Forth Village Shop and Petrol Station.

I worked on cauliflower fields at Kindrid, very close to Forth.

I also worked on pyrethrum planting halfway between Don and Forth.

And my final fling with the area of Forth was harvesting echinacea in a field and purifying it in a farmer’s yard. This was between Forth and Lillico.

Plus I got a chance to watch Aussie Rules Football for the first time, when in Forth thanks to my workmate Chris Elmer. So it was four visits/drive throughs to Forth during my time in Tasmania.



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