Backpacking in Czechia: 5 Reasons to Visit Prague 

Backpacking in Czechia: 5 Reasons to Visit Prague 

Prague has a reputation as one of Europe’s most alluring cities and it’s a reputation carved over the years. I first backpacked it in 2007 with the famous Lock In Lee. Part of Bohemia, the Czech capital looks like a fairytale town with countless spires poking into the sky and it’s this old-time charm that attracts tourists all year round. It’s also a very modern city, too, with a trendy scene of creatives and forward-thinking mentality that derives from the great bravery of it’s people in events like the Velvet Revolution. The culture of the place is instantly accessible with galleries and music greeting you all over the city. The people are known for playing casino websites in their spare time. There are many reasons to visit Prague and these are 5 of them. 


Jonny Blair in Prague

Jonny Blair: Having a tequila sunrise on my travels in Prague, Czech Republic in 2007

  1. Charles Bridge 

Starting with an obvious one, the city doesn’t get much more picturesque than the famous Charles Bridge. 

The most famous tourist attraction in the Czech Republic, the bridge can be enjoyed from afar or from on top of it, walking across it’s historic cobbles to the bars and restaurants on the other side. For an extra tip, though, try heading to Charles Bridge as early as you can get yourself out of bed – or maybe after a nigh out – as then, it’s extremely quiet and free from tourists. 

Time it really well, as you may even get a spooky foggy mist over the bridge that will feel like you really are in a story book. 

  1. Amazing beer

The Czech Republic is the home of lager as we know it. Or rather, pilsner, which was founded in Plzen, a city a few hours away from Prague itself. 

As the capital, though, Prague makes the most of it’s country’s most famous export and serves it fresh, cold and in sizeable portions all over the city. It’s also cheap, too, with the lack of need for importing making for a cheaper pint than in many other European capital cities. Try all the local lagers and find yourself revelling in the realisation of how good beer can be.  

Have enough of them, and it may be time for that quiet visit to Charles Bridge. 

Backpacking in Czechia: 5 Reasons to Visit Prague

  1. A city of jazz music

Some people are unaware of the amazing jazz culture that Prague boasts. 

A few of Europe’s most famous jazz bars are in the Czech capital and some of the biggest names in the genre and in music have swung on by the likes of the Reduta Jazz club. Whether it’s local talent or international artists, you can see live music in Prague almost every night. From renowned jazz venues to humble bars full of locals, there’s a love of music in Prague that you won’t want to miss. 

  1. History

Prague’s history is fascinating. From the medieval times up until more recent post-Soviet trauma, the city has been at the centre of some of Europe’s most fascinating historical landmarks. There are plenty of ways to take all of this in, too, with museums, galleries and free walking tours being just a few of them. 

Backpacking in Czechia: 5 Reasons to Visit Prague

  1. It’s a cheap trip

A lot of the aforementioned is either free or very cheap which, for a city that hosts so many tourists, isn’t always the case.  

From the UK, there are a number of fairly priced flights to Prague all year round as the non-seasonal destination provides a constant income for some of the cheaper airlines. You don’t need to have recently had a big win on slotsbaby to be able to live for some of these reasons to visit Prague. 

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