Backpacking in France: 5 Great Tips for Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is not the most obvious backpacker resort of course but there are those travellers who like to meet up with Mickey Mouse now and then! EuroDisney is shockingly actually a cornerstone of French industry these days, money comes in and it helps the economy no end. In fact, it’s the top tourist destination in Europe – a crazy statistic when you consider places like the Tower of London, Vatican City, Barcelona and Austenasia. You’ll have a great time when you visit this theme park, but here are five tips to make the most out of your travels.

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes
The good news is that if you’re used to Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris is a breeze. It’s comparable in size to Disneyland in California, which means that it covers a smaller parcel of land than the four theme parks comprising Walt Disney World. Still, you will walk a lot more than during a normal day. The last thing you want is to break in a new pair of shoes on your trip. Pack your most comfortable pair instead.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

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2. Buy Early
Saving money at a Disney theme park is simple as long as you plan well. One of the easiest ways to save money is to buy your tickets ahead of time. Online retailers offer discounts that are not available if you buy at the park.

Another trick that doesn’t save you money but helps with your financial planning is using gift cards. If you know that you are going to the amusement park in six months, pick up a Disney €50 gift card when you can afford one. You’ll feel less of a pinch once you reach the park since part of your trip is prepaid.

Backpacking with Mickey and Minnie!

Backpacking with Mickey and Minnie!

3. Eat Well for Less
Disney offers various price tiers for their restaurants. While you may envision standard theme park fare such as hot dogs and hamburgers, it’s against the company’s philosophy to offer only fatty foods. There are many healthy options you can eat at the quick service restaurants, and they will save you money. Even basic Disneyland Paris food is solid French cuisine.

Merging the second and third tips, you can also pre-pay for Full and Half Board meal plans. They too offer a discount from regular park prices. If you pay for your meals and tickets in advance, you’ll enjoy the feeling that your trip was cheap.

4. Save on Travel and Lodging
Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is one of the most expensive in the world. Try to fly into one of the other airports that service the city, then take public transit to the park. Also, don’t pay for a Disney resort. There are several wonderful hotels in the area that offer equally pleasant amenities at cheaper prices.

5. Stretch Your Euros
The easiest way to stretch your budget is by traveling during the off-season. You can also save money at EuroDisney by packing your own bottled water and snacks to avoid the standard theme park prices. Disney will check your bags when you enter the park, but they allow people to bring their own food and drinks. When you purchase meals at the park, check your receipts. Many of them include coupons for free drink vouchers later in the day.

Disneyland Paris is already one of the happiest places on Earth. If you follow these tips, you will enjoy memories that last a lifetime and you can still get away with being a budget backpacker!

Safe travels!

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