Backpacking in New Zealand: Bus Through Arthur’s Pass

Backpacking in New Zealand: Bus Through Arthur’s Pass

New Zealand really can teach the rest of the world how to treat passengers travelling on buses, coaches and tour companies. The treatment of the passengers is always top class, and on any given route you get lots of stop-offs where you can decide to stay, get off or get back on. And the stop offs are always interesting wee places.


They always have a toilet. Normally they have a toilet and a cafe. More often than that they have an amazing view, look out points and unique wee places that you wouldn’t get to see normally.


So when travelling round the South Island, one of these wee stops was the gorgeously remote “Arthur’s Pass.” It was mid-morning when we got there.


I was on route, and almost exactly half way between Christchurch and Greymouth (on NZ’s West Coast).


The view of the mountains at Arthur’s Pass was immense, as you can tell.


There was a motorbike rally on that day in Greymouth (which I later got caught up in). 


You can see some really nice birds at Arthur’s Pass. I initially thought this was a Kea bird, but I’m not a big ornothologist sadly so I’m not sure, but it was nice to see.


Our bus parked roadside at Arthur’s Pass.


The wee restaurant/cafe at Arthur’s Pass.


My lovely well needed pot of Earl Grey Tea.


The cafe at Arthur’s Pass.


One of the many admirable views from the bus, this one of a gorge just after leaving Arthur’s Pass.


For this time, it was onwards to Greymouth.


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