Backpacking in New Zealand: Grey Skies At Greymouth

Backpacking in New Zealand: Grey Skies At Greymouth

Arrival at Greymouth was via the immense northern mountains of the New Zealand South Island.


On arrival there I was greeted by grey skies and drab surroundings, knowing a had a few hours sightseeing there meant nothing, though like many others its a popular venue to stay overnight and to do adventure sports.


My white Intercity Bus, just after I got off at Greymouth.


Tourist information at Greymouth.


This maniac scaled the wall by the river, for no apparent reason.


I crossed the Grey River, where this lonely fisherman tried his luck in the ravine.


The hill on the other side of Cobden Bridge.


The Grey River.


The Cobden Bridge.


On the other side of the bridge was the Cobden Cave, which I walked down into.


The Cobden Cave.


Me in the Cobden Cave.


A dis-used Railway Bridge at Cobden, Greymouth.


Commercialism in Greymouth – a Subway.


I liked the way this cliff edge had been dug out on the edge of town.


Our lonely fisherman – one does wonder how he got there.


I met this German hitch-hiker on the edge of town. He spoke very little English.


The Railway Station at Greymouth.


Countdown – with the same symbol as Woolworths.


A wall mural in Greymouth.


The local paper – Greymouth Evening Star.


Where the paper is printed.


A wall mural for the Greymouth Evening Star.


I snuck beyond the barriers just for this photo of the motorbikes involved in the rally that day.


Train Platform, Greymouth part of the Trans Scenic Railway. Too dear for me on this budget – but meant to be a very nice train journey through the mountains.


There was a massive motorbike rally on that day, which was $5 entry, but I wanted a day of free sightseeing, so after walking round the only part of the town I could, I decided to do lunch and a coffee at Mackay Street in the town centre. The rest of the town was fenced off for the rally.


I found a lovely wee coffee shop and lunch venue on Mackay Street, it was called OneTwoFour. There was a “special” of nachos for $7, and with my coffee costing just over $3 it was a full lunch for just over $10 not too bad at all for a traveller.


My lunch, which was very tasty indeed.


The elegant toilet at OneTwoFour.


Onward locations – mine was to Franz Josef glacier via Hokitika.


My onward bus – this time on Atomic Shuttles.


So very quickly my time in Greymouth was over, I had arrived in Grey skies and left it in Grey Skies. The name of the town was perfect.

Hardcore Superstar – Shades of Grey:



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