Backpacking in Uruguay: My Visit to Punta Ballena

Backpacking in Uruguay: My Visit to Punta Ballena

Punta Ballena serves its purpose. Which is an enchanting, almost European style (think Meditteranean in Spain, Italy or Greece) seaside resort, quiet, rich and with amazing views.

I went there to see the stunning Architecture of Casapueblo, that’s me inside the work of art itself. But to get there we had to get a bus to the tranquil Punta Ballena.

The Bus from Punta Del Este to Punta Ballena left from this station. I left Punta Del Este twice by bus as it happens and not once did I take a photo of the bus, or of leaving the city. Odd for me not to do that.

A sign for Punta Ballena.

The bus from Punta Del Este was packed that day, I had to stand in the aisle and we had to get out at Punta Ballena. It wasn’t obvious in the slightest on the side of a busy carriageway, we pulled over and we were allowed out. It was thanks to my Argentinian friend for the time, Patricia, who helped out in the Spanish stakes.

Some plush apartments in Punta Ballena. Little more than a touristy elaborate seaside village. With awesome views and the path down to the immense Casapueblo.

The view onto the trendy streets at Punta Ballena.

Posh estate in Punta Ballena.

Marina Del Este

The superb view of the beach from Punta Ballena.

A Glentoran fan enjoys the relaxing air of the Uruguayan seaside at Punta Del Este.

The busy road where we got out of the bus from.

Some signs on the 2 kilometre walk from Punta Ballena down to Casapueblo, where we viewed the sunset and enjoyed the museum inside the gorgeous Casapueblo.

Punta Ballena was stunning – some more photos of the leisurely stroll down to the entrance to Casapueblo itself, a masterpiece and some memory. A must visit. More on Casapueblo, here: 

Transport Used – Bus

Population of Punta Ballena – 3,000



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