Backpacking Lives: How to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Wanderlust is different than taking a vacation. By definition wanderlust applies to having a strong passion and desire to travel, have new experiences, and see the world. Vacations are awesome, but wanderlust is next level. The dark side of this though is that satisfying these desires can be a little out of reach, or at least not as easy to keep up with as your heart would like. If you are someone who has this passion but needs to keep it at bay between trips, here are a few ways to keep the fire alive without having to book a trip.

Backpacking up Tajamulco in Guatemala - highest point in Central America

Backpacking Lives: How to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Broaden Your Cuisines

One of the best parts of traveling the world is getting to learn about and eat different types of regional foods. Even for the pickiest palate, there is much to enjoy about tasting things that you would not otherwise get a chance to had you not gone straight to the source. When you are not globetrotting, bring these dishes into your own kitchen to spice up your regular routine.

Snack delivery boxes are not necessarily new, but they are also not all created equal. You can purchase a snack subscription box to have snacks from all over the world delivered monthly. Since the company curates each box you will always be surprised what you receive next, while still knowing that the selections will have a global flair.

Friday’s Featured Food: Shared Camel Lunch at Ainadeg Restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Learn a Foreign Language

One way to get closer to a different culture is to learn a different language. You can use an app, take a virtual course, or find a local in person learning opportunity and start learning the basics as early as today. If you have a destination bucket list, consider pairing your chosen language with one of those locations, that way you have a goal to work towards, and when you do finally book that trip, your experienced will be enhanced by being able to communicate with the locals. I studied Polish in Gdansk, Spanish in Montevideo and Cantonese in the Kong.

Learning Polish with Alina: Jestem Jonny, Jestem Irlandzkim Pisarzem Podróżnikiem z

Learning Polish with Alina: Jestem Jonny, Jestem Irlandzkim Pisarzem Podróżnikiem z

Follow a Travel Professional

Blogs and social media are excellent platforms to scratch your travel itch without having to take a trip. People who have made a lifestyle of travel will have infinite stories, pictures, tips, and hacks for any country you could think of. Following on social media or subscribing to their blog is also a way to view someone else’s experience and consider what you maybe would or would not like to include in your own travels.

Podcasts are another platform to investigate. Here you will get to listen to professional wanderlusters talk about their experiences in an interactive way. Some podcasts may also include interviews, or guest appearances that will add variety to the subject matter from episode to episode.

Celebrate a Cultural Tradition

Different countries and cultures have different traditions, you could select one and research it, then throw a party to celebrate as the locals would. Some common ideas would be a Day of the Dead party, or even a more obvious choice like Saint Patrick’s Day. Be sure to keep the integrity of the tradition and design your event in the way that is culturally appropriate. This can be a fun, annual event, to broaden not only your horizons, but those of your guests as well.

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