Coping with Jet Lag during Long Distance Travel


Coping with Jet Lag during Long Distance Travel

Jet lag comes as a result of travelling from one continent and time-zone to another. Some of the indications involve mood swings, losing concentration, insomnia and fatigue. The long-term effects may lead to a complete change of the circadian rhythm. Here are some tips in which an individual travelling to a new time zone for long distance can cope with jet lag. 

Ensure you take a sound night’s sleep before flying  

One big mistake that most people do is having a few hours of sleep before taking a long flight. Some may decide to tire themselves deliberately so that they will sleep throughout the trip or as a result of pre-holiday excitement. However, getting a good sleep before the long distance travel creates better preparedness and adjustment to the new time zones. 

Sleeping on the plane

Relaxing your schedule  

Proper preparation may determine how your stay at the destination will be, either fatigued or feeling fresh. Try relaxing any rigid programs at work and home for some days before the flight. Flexibility in sleeping, eating and other personal responsibilities makes it easier to adjust to the new environment. 

Arrival by plane into the Balearics!

Avoid late night arrivals  

It is more preferential taking flights that arrive during the day. It makes it easier to remain awake. The temptation of getting out and exploring is more when the sun is shining. Further, opt for travelling to destinations that are along the Greenwich Meridian. 

Be a plane savoir-faire  

A plane-spotter knows that A380s and A350s are the best for a person who wishes to overcome the journey effect. These planes create an environment that refines the stay inside them. They have a high technology humidification system that assists in retaining the air moisture and LED lighting system that can create 16.7 million hues of colours that replicate the natural day phases. Additionally, the planes have air purification systems that refresh the air after every two minutes. 

Split up your journey  

It is wise to build some stopovers, for they allow the body more time for adapting to the foreign environment. You will have more time to adjust, relax after several hours of travelling and get ready for more. 

Avoid taking alcoholic drinks  

It is essential to avoid alcohol whilst flying, as the altitude can tiredness. Further, the person loses the control over the body, becomes dormant or excessively active making it more difficult overcoming the expected. 

flights around the world

As the day was dawning my plane flew away

Avoid taking any sleeping pills  

Reliance on sleeping pills during long-distance flights isn’t a good idea. They only leave a fuzzy feeling upon landing. Taking a nap naturally is the best option. Additionally, making use of the free hot water to prepare some herbal tea may serve you best. If you opt to use medication to help, melatonin tablets like Circadin can be effective at alleviating the symptoms. 

Avoid taking coffee  

Do not take caffeine-heavy beverages, the likes of coffee, energy and cola drinks. Such artificial stimulants increase the jet lag recuperation time and affect the sleeping ability. The functioning of the human body is best when it is well hydrated, and thus taking lots of water is the routine.  

Adjust your watch  

There is some form of psychological alignment that comes with setting your clock to the destination time zone. Nevertheless, doing this beforehand may lead to a ridiculous way of missing a flight. 

Regular walks  

Passengers should ensure they do exercises and move around regularly to keep a good flow of blood. Good circulation is primary in avoiding DVT. Some people even consider investing in a good pair of flight socks to improve the blood circulation in the lower parts of the body. 

Always eat right  

A great tip is starting to eat a three meal course in line with your destination time zone. The feeding routine is instrumental in body functioning. The meals may include suppertime such as cornflakes at 11 pm. 

Plane to the Amazon in Bolivia

Coping with Jet Lag during Long Distance Travel

Engage in body exercises  

Exercises, in this case, are meant to stretch out the kings resulting from the long hour’s flight and boost your endorphins. Most of the modern airline magazines have a dedicated section which covers simple exercises during long-haul flights. 

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