Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Being Prepared to Travel

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Being Prepared to Travel

There are a lot of things to plan when you book a vacation, such as where you will be staying and what to pack. Often, since there is just so much to do, transportation gets overlooked. It doesn’t take long to realize that you need a way to get around once you get to your destination. 

It can get stressful to have to figure out how you will use the local transportation system in a new area, so it is wise to think of this ahead and get to know what is available to you as far as transformation goes. If you are visiting a city with trains, taxis, and other forms of transpiration you probably will not have to rent a car through a car rental agency. It will be cheaper and you not have to worry about navigating in a new area where they possibly drive on the opposite side of the road. You will avoid things like Motorcycle Accidents or car accidents. 

Quick ride on Julio’s motorbike – pick up from Capricho to his family home.

If you do decide to go the rental car route, you will want to shop around and find out where you will be picking up your car once you arrive. Often when you travel by plane, you can pick up your car conveniently right at the airport. You will need to find out where to fuel up and you will also need to allow a bigger budget for gas as well. If you are going to be driving a lot where you are visiting, then it is well worth paying the extra to get a car rental. If you won’t be travelling by car often or you would lie to get a better feel for your vacation destination by taking in all the sights, you could forget the car and walk instead. Trains or buses will also be a good way to get around. They are a cheap chauffeur, which is great if you are on a budget. Some cities have bikes that you can rent which is a great way to see the sights and is also great for the environment. 

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Being Prepared to Travel

There are often information booths or buildings in towns where visitors can learn more about the area they are visiting or where you could rent a scooter or other mode of transportation. If you are going to be taking the bus or train quite often on your visit, it will be worth a trip to the station to gather time schedules and bus routes so that you can place your timeout efficiently and so that you will know where the train and bus stops are. If you have access to the internet or cell phone, you could also look up most information that you need or just ask the locals. For safety reasons, it is not always wise to approach a stranger to ask questions. Try asking a shop owner or police officer, if possible. 

If you are driving a car or scooter, make sure that you lock up your vehicle and take your possessions with you. Do not leave your bag on your scooter or bike and try to stay in the “better” neighbourhoods or where there are more traffic and people. You may also want to consider getting travel insurance. 

The US government offers a traveller’s checklist on their website that is very helpful when you are travelling. They recommend being informed and having all of the necessary documentation when you travel. That includes your vehicle as well. You may need to provide proof of ownership (or a rental agreement) of your vehicle is you are driving over a border to a neighbouring country. 

You will also need proper insurance and possibly registration. Unless you know every detail of where you are travelling to, it is always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. You will be far from home, and it will not be convenient to acquire additional paperwork over the phone or by fax, so try to avoid it altogether. If you have brought a pet, you will also most likely need to provide documentation for them as well, and you may need additional paperwork for them if you are planning to rent a vehicle. It’s best to review the policy of your rental car company as you are planning out your trip. 

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: Being Prepared to Travel

  • True that transportation tends to get over looked especially if you have never been to a place before. Its only when you get there that you realise that things might not be as you thought.

  • Hi Jerry. Thanks for the comment. Apologies for the delay. I have been going through depression and only checking through my old comments and messages now. Being prepared is important. Stay safe. Jonny

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