Top 5 Reasons For Getting Travel Insurance When Backpacking

Down the years of backpacking, people always ask me about travel insurance and though I’ve had some serious issues with insurance companies, it pains me to say that we need insurance, as I did on my times backpacking in Afghanistan and Antarctica. But with so many companies out there, so many different figures brandished around, it can be hard to choose a company. If you go by these simple reasons why we need travel insurance, you can use them to decide on the best company to use.

The importance of getting Travel Insurance When Backpacking

The importance of getting Travel Insurance When Backpacking

1.Cancelled Flights
As a long term traveller, I’ve been through enough cancelled flights to tear a lifetime of hair out. Cancelled and delayed flights can cost us money, time, employment and a lot of stress too. In my experience, there are some seriously excremental airlines out there including Jet Star, Air ASSia and the horrific Air Algerie, Air Tunis and Vueling.

Tunis Air are horrific

Tunis Air are horrific

With travel insurance of course, this can be easier as the insurance company can sort it all out for you. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, with travel insurance you should get part or all of the money back, and they may also cover any days missed off work due to extended delays.

2.Lost Luggage
Yes I hate companies like Tunis Air, They’ve lost more bags of mine than I’ve even owned!! Yes, the same backpack was lost and found a hat-trick of times. The worst culprit is Tunis Air, who currently owe me $1,500 and I beg and beg them for it every week, until they go bankrupt. You may never see your luggage again but at least you can claim some of the money back. In short – keep your sentimental stuff in your hand luggage.

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Lost Luggage

Accidents happen. You might drop your camera, you might lose $1,000 in a river, you might break your leg. You might catch a disease. Travel insurance helps you out in these bad times, so get on it and get a decent policy booked.

Footloose and legless - 2007 hat-trick of broken metatarsals.

Footloose and legless – 2007 hat-trick of broken metatarsals.

Yes, fellow travellers steal and you can trust no one. My laptop was stolen from a flat I was staying at in Australia. Twats! I lock everything up in dorms and everywhere I go. But people still find a way to steal if they want something. With travel insurance at least you can get some money back, if not the sentiment of something close to your heart. Even still – lock up your valuables.

pete dark

The window the burglar climbed in through

Unfortunately fraud still happens when we travel. Credit and debit cards can be cloned, stolen or our details can also be stolen online by hackers. In such instances, we go crazy. We get on the phones to our banks and cancel the cards, we try to claim money back. A quick call to our insurance company can be much simpler – they can often wire over some money to you.

Be aware of fraud

Be aware of fraud

Those are just five reasons of many out there about Travel Insurance and its huge benefits. U.S. based readers can purchase travel insurance from MedEx of UnitedHealthcare Global.

Please Note – Travel Insurance plans of MedEx are not available for purchase for residents of Washington State or New York.

Safe and happy travels.

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