Disney Characters Depicted on Dream Vacations 

Disney Characters Depicted on Dream Vacations

Your dream travel destination says a lot about you. All of your personality traits and characteristics can be summed up in that one location that you would give anything to go to. Whether it’s Vegas or Venice, your dreams make a statement about who you are. 

But humans aren’t the only ones with big travel dreams. If fictional characters lived in our world, they would all have their own ideal vacations. They would also be able to record their incredible vacations the same way we do – Instagram. 

With this in mind, Bookit.com made illustrations of what our favorite Disney character’s Instagram accounts would look like if they were vacationing across the globe. Here’s some of the best depictions. 

Disney Characters Depicted on Dream Vacations

Wreck it Ralph Takes a Virtual Vacation 

Vanellope and Ralph from Wreck it Ralph are caught chilling ‘screen-side’ tagged at the location of Koopa Troopa Beach. This is a fitting vacation for them given that it’s the setting of an alternate video game, Mario Kart 64. 

Hercules Hits the Olympics 

In the Olympic village of Tokyo, Hercules is seen lifting some weights training for the 2020 games. Even Megara seems to be in on the action! If you ask me, he has a slight unfair advantage over all of his non-God competitors, and it’s not just because he arrived so early… 

Timon and Pumbaa are Going Gambling

Las Vegas isn’t for everyone, but it certainly is for this fun-loving dynamic duo. Let’s just hope they spend their money wisely rather than always living by the motto ‘Hakuna Matata’ – that could lead them out of their funds before they know it. 

Princess Jasmine is on a Romantic Getaway 

Aladdin promised to show Jasmine the world, and he’s doing that by taking her on a relaxing getaway to Dove Lake in Australia. The couple looks serene and happier than ever, holding hands as Jasmine sits on a lakeside hammock taking in the spectacular views. 

Ariel Explores Different Terrains 

Your first snowfall is one you never forget – especially if you’ve been living under the sea your whole life. If the little mermaid could go anywhere she pleased, she would likely satisfy her curiosity and go to Yellowstone Falls in Wyoming to hike to spectacular views. 

MIckey and Minnie Visit the Happiest Place on Earth 

There are few places you could expect these two mice to be outside of Orlando, Florida, or Anaheim, California. Of course, Mickey and Minnie would visit their very own stomping grounds – Walt Disney World. With all of the attractions and food options, why would you ever want to leave? 

No matter where your dream vacation is, capturing the picture-perfect snapshot for your Instagram feed much like these Disney characters (or the amazing artists who illustrated them) did is an absolute must. 

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