DMZ Tour Part 6: Lunch in the DMZ

DMZ Tour Part 6: Lunch in the DMZ

Lunch in the DMZ was next up on the agenda. We ate at a tiny wee roadside restaurant near Imjingak, just south of the actual North Korea border. The countryside was immense and on Christmas Eve, a land covered in snow gave a dreamlike impression. Something that I longed for in childhood.
The restaurant.
The countryside. The mix of sun and snow was class. The temperature however was well below zero, so don’t be fooled by the sunshine in these photos!
The main meal contained beef, which would have been right up my street. But Panny had earlier opted for vegetarian as there was no pork or chicken option, so we shared some of it, and I ate the beef part mainly!
Once inside we took our seats, and we would be getting a meal each – myself a beef meal and Panny a vegetarian meal. However as we were traveling together, you share from a bowl, so it looked like I was eating like a veggie too, all the same dishes but I had my beef. Water was free – and was hot or cold. There was also a free cup of coffee after the meal.
We sat on mats on the floor. As is the standard in South Korea. You get used to it – even though you either get cracking leg bones or pins and needles. We got moved to the “vegetarian” table as well for some reason!
Our meal! As you can see it was a feast and I couldn’t quite finish it!
Enjoying lunch so close to North Korea.
Panny enjoys her lunch near North Korea. Somewhere close to the border apparently.
There was time for a couple picture before we changed buses in the car park by the restaurant. This was the second time we changed buses that day. Panny and I always got 2 seats together.
We boarded the bus and onwards to the JSA – Joint Security Area – the big moment was coming soon – visiting the “village” of Panmunjom and crossing the border officially in a blue hut in Panmunjom
From – Imjingak
To – JSA up next
Name of Restaurant – Absolutely no idea, couldn’t even find it on google – if you find out, or know of it – let me know please!
Meal – Beef, vegetarian noodles, vegetables (which included mushrooms which I avoided), kimchi, beansprouts, seaweed
Nationalities Met – Swedish, Dutch
Weather – Cold, dry, snow on ground
Drink – Water, Hot Coffee
Key Song –
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