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This is probably the most blatant bit of advertising in living history on Don’t Stop Living, but I will tell you it’s only for fun and I only make 10% of the cost of these orders – other companies take the rest (except my e-Books). Last year I launched a mini Don’t Stop Living shop with the logo on a few products. So far I have three products for sale on there. Remember it’s just for fun, neither myself nor you should take this too seriously. I don’t over promote any of these or make much money on them, but I’m putting them all on one blog post so you can see them together. I was fed up seeing people wearing designer brand labels so I got in on the act and have released my backpacker brand name. At the moment, I only have 5 products for sale but there will be more to come and I’m always open for suggestions.

Don't Stop Living brand name products

Don’t Stop Living brand name products

1. Don’t Stop Living Postcards
Send your loved ones a postcard from anywhere in the world with the Don’t Stop Living logo on it. One of my favourite quotes “You turn around and life’s passed you by” (From the Doves) appears next to the brand and logo. You can also get custom made stamps.

Buy the Don’t Stop Living postcard set for $0.83 per postcard.

Dont Stop Living postcard front

Dont Stop Living postcard front

Dont Stop Living postcard back

Dont Stop Living postcard back

2. Don’t Stop Living Ties
Everybody knows how the perception of backpackers is to be cheap and badly dressed, so why not join the party in style with a Don’t Stop Living tie. Ideal for weddings, backpacking trips and business meetings. Ricky Gervais wore one * in the office. I’ve crossed borders wearing ties.

Buy the Don’t Stop Living official tie for $29.99

The DSL tie

The DSL tie

* a tie that is, not necessarily a DSL tie

3. Don’t Stop Living T-Shirt
Live the fucking dream by backpacking through a century of countries with your very own Don’t Stop Living T-shirt. It only has the logo on it – we want people to ask you what DSL stands for.

Buy the Don’t Stop Living t-shirt for $15.95.

Don't Stop Living T-Shirt

Don’t Stop Living T-Shirt

4. My First Ever Travel Blog
My first ever travel blog is still available as a mini e-Book. It was written back in 1991 and contains the original text plus a 2015 reflection on my first backpacking trip to the Netherlands.

Buy my First Ever Travel Blog for $5.99 US.

jonny blairs travel book

My First Ever Travel Blog: School Trip to the Netherlands, 1991

5. The Backpacker’s Guide to the Inca Trail
So many people go to Peru and cheat by getting a bus, train or bicyle to Machu Picchu. This book tells you how to do it the proper way – 4 days of epic hiking through the valleys and sleeping in tents before waking up on the final morning to watch mist rise or sunrise over Machu Pichu, knowing you have earned your right to be there more than the bus brigade.

Buy the backpackers guide to the Inca Trail for £6.00.

The Backpackers Guide to the Inca Trail by Jonny Blair

The Backpackers Guide to the Inca Trail by Jonny Blair

If anyone buys a Don’t Stop Living t-shirt or tie and wears it in all seven continents, or over 20 different countries, take a legit photograph of you wearing it in each place and I’ll refund you the money and take you for a night out when I’m in your town.

Don’t Stop Living is not yet an independent country, so the football shirt and national stadium tours will have to wait. Safe travels!

Don’t Stop Living.

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  • There some tourists would be like to living in merchandise for sale to the perception of backpackers. It is cheap to captured some photographs of the wearing with there places.

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