Not Backpacking in the Kingdom of Elleore: Tour Cancelled Due to Bird Sanctuary

Yes so my fascination with smaller unknown countries continues but with more and more travel, we get more and more bad moments and rejections. Recently I was advised by the government of Sealand that I couldn’t visit due to safety concerns. Having grown up in Northern Ireland and backpacked through Palestine, Agdam and Iraq, I thought Sealand would be easy enough, but I was wrong. Not to be too upset about it, I decided on a few other unknown countries that I could visit in the next few months. My journeys to Uzupis, Transdniestr, French Guyana, Iraqi Kurdistan, Austenasia, Christiania, Artsakh and Frestonia were cool but I want more obscure places.

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Not Backpacking in the Kingdom of Elleore: Tour Cancelled Due to Bird Sanctuary

As I plan to return to Denmark at the end of August, I felt that it would be a great chance to head to Roskilde and get a boat out to the unknown Kingdom of Elleore. It’s a remote island and a self declared country with no borders to other nations. They have set their clocks 12 minutes behind Danish time, they speak Danish and their national flag is kind of the Danish flag spinned round and adjusted a bit. It’s a really small and remote country – check out the aerial view.

The Kingdom of Elleore from above

The Kingdom of Elleore from above

I got in touch with the King of the country to arrange my visa and entry permit, using either my Irish or British passport. The dates I set aside for my visit to Elleore were from late August to early September and I would have settled for a day trip and just a few hours in the country. However, sadly I received a message from the Foreign Minister Vicomte Neuf to inform me that “it will not be possible to visit Elleore in late August. In that period the citizen of Elleore are on holiday in Denmark and the island is a bird sanctuary.”

As this is my second failed visa attempt within a week, I am gutted but am working round the clock to line up other options in the next few months. I’m booked from Singapore, Bahrain, Denmark and Faroe Islands so far and aiming for a few more surprises on route.

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