Welcome to Islandia: The World’s Coolest New Micronation!!

“Maybe maybe it’s our nowhere towns” – Suede (Trash).

Welcome to Islandia: The World's Coolest New Micronation!!

Welcome to Islandia: The World’s Coolest New Micronation!!

In the last few years of travel, I have visited a lot of disputed states, unknown countries and debated regions. Travel became too mundane backpacking the same trend as everyone else, so I decided to go whackpacking instead – i.e. go backpacking in a wacky way. Here are just a few of them:
– Backpacking in a Druze Village
Backpacking in Krolestwo Dreamlandu
Backpacking in San Escobar
Backpacking in Western Sahara
Backpacking in Northern Cyprus
Backpacking in Lagoan Isles
Backpacking in Romkerhall
Backpacking in Kugel Mugel
Backpacking in Wallachia
Unbackpacking in Sealand – visa declination by the Prince
Unbackpacking in Elleore – visa unacceptation due to ‘bird sanctuary’ excuse
Backpacking in Podjistan
– Backpacking in Nagorno Karabakh
– Backpacking in French Guyana
– Backpacking in the Republic of Uzupis
– Backpacking in Transnistria
– Backpacking in Palestine
– Backpacking in Kosovo
– Backpacking in Vatican City State
– Backpacking in Iraqi Kurdistan
– Backpacking in Ladonia
– Backpacking in Austenasia
– Backpacking in Frestonia
– Backpacking in Christiania
– Backpacking in Gorno Badakhshan
– Backpacking in Adammia
– Backpacking in Lovely
– Backpacking in Karakalpakstan

Backpacking in Christiania (the Freetown in Copenhagen)

Not to be confused with either Iceland (known as Islandia in some languages) or the Satanic Republic of Islandia, welcome to The Principality of Islandia. This is the latest new country to be included in my ever-growing list of every country in the world.

Islandia Micronation Wacaday Republic

The Principality of Islandia was officially founded in 2018 with the express purpose of governing an island purchased by its founders and citizens. A pure democracy, all full citizens have one vote in important matters of state. While the founding documents allow for a triarchy of Grand Princes and Princesses, they exist merely as figureheads and a democratically elected ministerial government holds all executive and legislative functions. While the country’s government’s own website is under construction, I offer here a brief overview of this fledgling state. I contacted the government of Islandia by email to find out all about it…

What the heaven is Islandia? 
The Principality of Islandia is a micronation that has been designed with the main purpose of governing the island – and possibly multiple islands in the future – that will be purchased by the investors of our Island Buying Group – colloquially known as “Let’s Buy an Island!”.  Note that we’re not suggesting we will be seceding – our island(s) will be more like embassies, and will be governed by our laws and rules, but also of course subject to those of the host nation.
When was it formed? 
The Principality is still in its earliest days.  A temporary government was voted into power on February 15th, 2018, and our Constitution is nearly ready to be confirmed by our citizenry, which will mark another important milestone for the country.
Why was it formed? 
As mentioned above, the Principality will govern the lands acquired by our Island Buying Group.  But on a deeper level, many of those involved have a keen interest in travel, micronations, self-determination, and nationhood, so we felt that creating this state was the best way to not only ensure that we had a sound system for self-governance, but also to begin an exciting experiment in nation building.
What is the political system?
We are a Principality in name, with a triarchy of Crown Princes and/or Princesses as Heads of State.  However, the true power lies with the people, and the vast majority of decisions are left up to debate and majority opinion of our Legislature.  There is a Prime Minister and Cabinet that takes care of day to day duties, who are also directly elected by the Legislature, which is made up of all members of our Island Buying Group.
Welcome to Islandia: The World's Coolest New Micronation!!

Welcome to Islandia: The World’s Coolest New Micronation!!

Who the hell lives there?
Great question!  Nobody yet, as we haven’t purchased our first island. Depending on the size and location of the island, some of our citizens may live their permanently, but right now we have no real land to call home.  That said, we have 73 out of our goal of 120 investors (more than enough to purchase some land already) and have several additional citizens who have signed up on our website.
How many people live there or are from Islandia?
Current population is 85 and is unlimited, but the country has 73 of its 120 (maximum) investors.
Can anyone visit?
Yes!  Once we have acquired land, anybody will be more than welcome to visit our island(s).
Can outsiders get a passport? 
They can, though of course they must acquire citzenship first.  While we are currently selling citizenship, it will not be until we finalize our island purchase that we begin to offer passports.
Is there a passport stamp?
Definitely will be!
What are the national products?  Any national food or beer?
This remains to be seen.  The next two questions as well, about national food and beer, will have to wait until we know our location.  But I think a state owned brewery will definitely be among our first projects!
Is there a national football team? 
We have grand plans for the National Football Team – and many volunteers already.  But sadly we have not yet been able to get everyone in one place for our first match.  This is on the horizon as well!
Can I become a citizen?
It’s a process that has to go through the official channels, but as of 12th December 2018, I (Jonny Blair) became a Baron of Islandia.
His Lordship Baron Jonny Blair - Islandia

His Lordship Baron Jonny Blair – Islandia

Once Islandia is up and running as a country, I plan to go there, get my passport stamped, have a beer and maybe become a citizen. Watch this space!!

New micronation of Islandia and let’s buy an island project : http://www.letsbuyanisland.com/

Islandia on Facebook
Islandia on Twitter
Islandia Website


Let’s Buy and Island Website

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  • Daar sir thanks for your letter.my name is Mubarak my age is 60years my country is Pakistan please send me citizen I am a men Thanksgiving Mubarak

  • Hi Matthias, thanks for the comment. I have been in severe depression for a few years so apologies for the late response. Safe travels. Jonny

  • Hi Mubarak, thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed my post on Islandia. Apologies for the late response. I have been suffering from deep depression the last few years caused by liars and I haven’t checked or responded so quickly. Stay safe. Jonny

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