Don’t Stop Watching Your Favourite TV Shows; Even Abroad!

We all have that one TV show that we love to fall back on when there is nothing else to watch. We can probably sing the opening theme song, quote our favourite lines at the same time as the characters, and fall about laughing over the smallest of references. TV is one of those things which is an intimate choice and we should always have a show that we love.

Watching Your Favourite TV shows

Why TV is the Best

Unlike movies which require your undivided attention for several hours, TV shows are brilliant because they can be viewed in segments not usually much longer than an hour. If you have a quick gap which you don’t know what to do in, you can just settle down and grab an episode of TV.

It is also a fantastic way to bond with other people. When you are in a new group, it often won’t be long before talk turns to what shows you like and why. You can discuss your theories and preferences while getting to know them a lot better. Sharing a show or a favourite character is one of those subtle ways you can learn a lot about someone fairly early on in a friendship.

TV shows

Every Genre, Every Taste

No matter what your preferences are when it comes to TV, there is always going to be something new coming out for you to enjoy. There are big sweeping dramas which take years to unfold and massive budgets to produce. There’s trash TV which consists of reality shows and simple concepts which people love to tune into to chill out and switch off to. Finally, there is side-aching comedy which stays with us for years and cheers us up on our worst days.

You could also choose to watch TV based around a certain country. For example, British TV is loved by many outside of the UK and can fit all of those categories mentioned above. When it comes to drama, the Brits produced Black Mirror and Killing Eve, as two of the biggest drama channels of the moment. For trashy reality TV, you could tune into the latest series of The Only Way is Essex or Love Island, and when it comes to comedy there is nothing quite like Derry Girls or Fleabag. This is just some of the shows we are enjoying right now; the UK has produced countless beloved TV shows over the years which people return to again and again.

These shows form key parts of our personalities and it would be a shame if we were not able to enjoy them whenever we wanted to.

Watch It Anywhere

Once upon a time, we bought VHS copies or DVD boxsets of our favourite shows. However, now thanks to online streaming on demand, we have become used to loading up our devices and being able to watch shows either live as they air or all at once from an online boxset.

Many people are choosing to forego owning copies of their favourite shows because they can just stream them online instead. This in itself can be quite risky as we can end up with the streaming provider choosing to take down the shows we love to replace them with new content. We could also choose to travel abroad for work, pleasure, or study, and be stuck without our favourite shows because the local version of our favourite streaming platform does not have the show we want to watch.

However, there is a solution to the latter of these problems; a VPN. A VPN, like the one found here, is a piece of software on our computer which allows us to watch our favourite UK TV abroad. No matter where you happen to be in the world, the VPN can connect to a server in the UK and allow you to take a look at what UK Netflix has added to its library.

Services like these can even be used to bypass the geo-restrictions on sites like BBC iPlayer so you can see what is currently airing as if you were still in the UK. Whether you are a Brit expat searching for a slice of home or an Anglophile trying to watch the latest episode of Doctor Who before everyone else, you are bound to find a use for this service.

Keep Watching

Whichever genre you like to watch, there is always a new show to discover and fall in love with. Take the time to explore the best that TV has to offer but don’t be afraid to branch out, you might find something which you never expected to love. What’s more, tools like VPNs can help you discover even more shows you never thought you could ever watch. It is clear, no matter where you happen to find yourself, you are always going to manage to find the perfect show to watch!

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