Why I Never Wanted to Leave Padstow, Cornwall

Why I Never Wanted to Leave Padstow, Cornwall

I never expected a small fishing town to steal my heart, but this one did. It has only recently gone through a boom in tourism. Limited tourists mean it still holds all those values we appreciate in small towns but with the commodities you would expect from a respectable tourist destination.

I spent a week there in June, but I plan to return next year for the ‘Obby Oss’ festival. I hear that’s a period when the town absolutely flourishes. Anyway, here’s what I loved about Padstow. 


Rick Stein is one of the most renowned chefs in Britain, and it is because him that this town bloomed in the first place. Now, you can find many eateries, pubs, and luxury restaurants that serve fantastic food under the influence of this man.

As one may expect, the selection of seafood is outstanding. I had to try everything from tuna to prawns and lobsters. My favorite restaurant, both for the food and the atmosphere, was Prawn on the Lawn. It’s a must-visit if you decide to follow my footsteps.


If you’re not big on seafood, there are still delightful places serving hearty, mouthwatering dishes in traditional Cornish style. Think goat meat and cheese all day! You must have tea and pastries, too. But don’t let yourself get carried away and spoil your dinner!


You won’t be staying in a busy hotel that takes in 300 guests a night in Padstow. Instead, there are farm cottages and apartments on the streets. It feels like home, only more comfortable. Take a look at the accommodation options at https://harbourholidays.co.uk/cottages/padstow/ to see what I’m talking about.

I stayed in a small house with the view of a green field. It felt like such a change from my daily routine that I couldn’t bring myself to start scrolling on my phone with my morning coffee. If you feel smothered by the city, a vacation in such a place will recharge and reset you.


As I mentioned before, Padstow has only recently exploded into the success that it is today. As such, it still features beautiful, pristine nature. Yes, you will see large yachts and a lot of sea traffic, but under it awaits water you can’t wait to take a dip in. 

Harlyn Bay is the most significant beach spot in the place, and you get to enjoy water sports and family fun there. Still, the rock pools and dunes remain intact. It seems to me that tourists feel much more conscientious when surrounded by such an environment.

Tips for backpacking in Cornwall.

All that aside, my favorite part was walking along the Camel Trail. It doesn’t sound like much, but the picturesque countryside surrounding you is something else. You can also go cycling there, and I might do that next time.  

Final Thoughts

I know that none of these values is something entirely unique to Padstow. However, putting them all together in one place makes it stand out from many other crowded shore towns I have visited. 

So, if you’re planning to unwind somewhere in England this summer, this town is my most positive suggestion. Turn off your phone and turn on your senses, for Padstow has a lot to offer.

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