Enjoying The Perfect Saturday of English Football

Everyone has their own way of making the most of going to an English football game, and here I will take you through what I think the best way to do it is. The first thing you need is, of course, to pick out which game you plan to go to and then get yourself some tickets. You can do this directly with the clubs or through resale sites. Once you have got your tickets in hand, here is how to get the most out of your Saturday. My team is AFC Bournemouth – up the Cherries!

Watching AFC Bournemouth at Dean Court in Boscombe, England

Adding Some Excitement

Games are always better when you have a little bit of money on them, and this is why your first stop should be the bookies. Online gambling is the easiest way to do it, and I’d recommend you do your sports betting on Novibet. Place a little bit of money on the game you are going to see, and this will greatly enhance your experience at the match.

Lee and I in Harborne, Birmingham – betting masters

Fuelling Up

This is likely going to be a long day so you will need to ensure that you enjoy a hearty breakfast to keep you going. Head to your nearest cafe or greasy spoon, and enjoy all of the trappings of a full English breakfast. If you are not a meat eater then don’t worry as most places now do a cracking breakfast using plant-based products.

ulster fry windsor bangor

Pre-match fry up.

Customary Pint

Some like to really go for it when they head to the football, but that can lead to a stressful and rather expensive day. A far smarter option is to just go for one or two beers ahead of the match, at a good pub nearby the stadium. Aim to get into the stadium 30 minutes before kick-off, and plan your drinks accordingly. This isn’t just about feeling loose, it is also about feeling the atmosphere of the game. Pick the right pub and you’ll really love getting involved in the pre-game fun.

Ulster Cherry at AFC Bournemouth - Jonny Blair Northern Irish Cherries fan

Head to Dean Court and watch the mighty Cherries! The local team AFC Bournemouth are great to watch and the atmosphere and fanbase is one of the most welcoming you could wish for. Grab a beer, a scarf and become a fan!

Tips For The Match

Now for a couple of tips once you get into the stadium for the game. Before you get into the ground make sure you buy a matchday program, this will feature info about the game and it’ll be a nice memento to keep. If you plan to go to the toilet and/or buy food and drink at halftime, it is a very smart idea to leave around the 40-minute mark, miss some football but avoid the crazy queues. Often people are still queuing as the second half begins and you may end up missing far more if you get caught up in that. And finally, make sure that you know where you are going when you leave the stadium. It is likely that you will be leaving along with thousands of others, and getting lost is very easy indeed.

Once you have enjoyed the match, check on your bets and head out for a nice meal and a glass of wine to finish off this fun day.

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