Exact Moment Blog Post of Turning 40

It is 3.43 a.m. here in Poland, exactly that time.

So as of this exact moment, I am forty years old. I was born at 2.43 a.m. in Northern Irish time in the town of Newtownards.

This is so strange and hard to comprehend. I just wrote about my top 100 football memories and 40 things I did by the age of forty. But sitting here, knowing that I was born 40 years ago is hard to fathom. I fell like I am still 17.

Where did time really go?

“Time grabs you by the wrists, directs you where to go” – Green Day.

“Time as it stands won’t be held in my hands or living inside of my skin” – Noel Gallagher.

“Time immemorial for time immemorial time” – Neil Finn.

“Time’s running out the door you’re running in” – Ian McCullough.

“I hope I’m old before I die” – Robbie Williams.

Exact Moment Blog Post of Turning 40

Exact Moment Blog Post of Turning 40


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