Find Nature and Cultural Excellence while Backpacking in Thailand

Find Nature and Cultural Excellence while Backpacking in Thailand

Despite its over-touristic promotion, most visitors and backpackers find a perfect vacation when they travel off to Thailand – the travel hub of Southeastern Asia. You can fly to the capital city Bangkok and then travel around to feel the natural beauty of the land. There are lush green jungles and expansive beaches of white sand. You will be able to dive into the blue sea and also taste some amazing food while roaming in this land of smiling people. You will find recommended reading on Thailand in different travelogues that often gives ideas about different exotic places to visit. There are intricate designed temples and strong heritage shown in different corners of the country and you will love it all.

tuk tuk in Bangkok Thailand

Backpacking in Thailand

Bangkok and its warmth

When you visit the city of Bangkok, you will find it is highly energetic city that is vibrant with people and wares of varied types. You can shop to your heart’s full or you can head straight for the temples or islands. The Wat Pho temple and the palace are also things that you should see in the city. The Chatuchal market is good and you will also find big and cozy malls here. You will find floating markets that are filled up with local fruits and fresh coconut juice. Guided tour on a boat through these markets will give you much pleasure.

Islands and relaxing atmosphere

The Northern Thailand is the place you should visit to experience the relaxing beaches and cool water with complete solitude. There are mountains here and you can also go for trekking along the mountain roads or rafting in the cool water. You will find tribal villages with simple things that they have for sale. The sea has got a rich marine life and you can experience the sparkling beauty of nature in these waters. Go for diving in Koh Tao, Phuket or in Koh Phi Phi to get closer to the water and its secrets. You can also add scuba diving and liveaboard diving to your list while you are in the islands.


Nature park and water falls

There are nature parks in different parts of the country. These are Doi Inthanon National park, Sai Yok, Khao Yai, and Khao Sok parks with water falls and caves in many of them. Most of them have forests of the tropical area and rare tropical animals for feast of eyes. You will find Khao Sai Dao waterfall, Thilosu and Erawan waterfalls too. The sparkling cool spray of water will soothe your soul and will invite you to return to its lap even after you leave the land.

Lush parks

Cultural feel of the land

You will find the people are religious and they have a lot of temples on their land. The Temple of Reclining with its reclining Buddha is the oldest of the temples. The Wat Chedi Luang Varavihara temple is one that housed the Emerald Buddha at one point of time. The Wat Rong Khun or the White temple is another one that houses Buddha. Its design is not traditional but has got a surreal look and feel. Smiling will give you ways even in difficult situations and if you go through different recommended reading materials, you will find this land to be an area of natural beauty and cultural greatness.

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