Five Unusual Things to do in Denver, USA

When you travel to Denver, be aware that the city is popular among business travelers, backpackers, and holiday makers alike. There are lots of sights in the city by day and bars by night, but it can become a bit too clichéd here. To escape the usual tourist buzz, you should get off the beaten track to some of these places. Once you have checked into your Denver hotel, get out and about to enjoy these five unusual gems.


Photo by Krystalvation via Trover

1. Garden of the Gods
The Garden of the Gods is a small park off US Highway 24. You will find phenomenal jagged red rocks with memorable sandstone formations. There are also some really exciting rock climbing adventures here, and for rock enthusiasts, be ready to admire the different colors of the rocks. You can see white rocks, mild orange rocks, and rich red rocks. It might seem a bit off the beaten track, but actually there are hundreds of visitors here every weekend. So, go early or go during a weekday to escape the tourist buzz.


Photo by Patricia Knorr via Trover

2. Mountain Air Ranch Nudist Resort
To really escape the tourist crowds, get in touch with your natural side here at the Mountain Air Ranch Nudist Resort. The resort is perfect for those who are at ease with their bodies, and enjoy hiking and walking in the wild without clothes. The website is kept up to date with the latest events, and it is situated outside the city.

3. Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours
For a truly wild and wacky experience, check out the Banjo Billy Bus Tours. The tours last 90 minutes and are carried out in an old school bus, which is designed to look like some outback traveling hillbilly shack. On the tour you get to hear all about some ghost and crime stories in and around the city. For those wanting a brewery tour, they also do pub tours by night in a tour that is constantly raved about on social media and travel sites.

4. Casa Bonita
Casa Bonita is a crazy restaurant experience that you will simply not forget. Check out its website at This restaurant has been here for years, and the thrill of this place is not the food on the menu, but what happens around you. The food is mostly Mexican style but as you eat, divers will be jumping off a 30-foot waterfall into a pool next to you. There are flame jugglers here, too, and guys dressed as gorillas will roam around while mariachis will serenade you with music. Get your cameras ready for photos and videos.


Photo by CBS Denver of Colorado Adventure Segway Tours

5. Colorado Adventure Segway Tours
Colorado Adventure Segway Tours are a totally unique way to experience Denver. It is a fast way to get around, and it is something a bit crazy and one to take photos of for Instagram and Facebook. You get to tick off the main touristic sights in a much more interesting way as you ride a Segway.

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