Thirsty Thursdays: 5 Cool Bars in Denver, Colorado

When touring the fantastic city of Denver in Colorado, it is important to get a glimpse of the city in both daylight and by night. While the day time view of the mountains is stunning and the hustle and bustle of the city’s shopping centres provides you with your shopping fix, once night falls on Denver you can enjoy the delights of a city boasting a thriving night life. A huge range of bars and restaurants exist in Denver and here is an eclectic mix to get you started, once you have checked into your Denver Hotel.

Backpacking in the USA: Denver, Colorado

Backpacking in the USA: Denver, Colorado

1. Falling Rock Tap House
The popular Falling Rock Tap House in Denver offers one of the biggest beer menus in the city. There is an outdoor patio on street level which is a great place to relax with a beer. There are pool tables and dart boards as well as screens for the sports. The coolest thing about the Falling Rock Tap House however is that there are over 2,200 beer bottles living the walls of the bar!

2. Buckhorn Exchange
Buckhorn Exchange makes the list as quite simply it is the oldest restaurant in Denver. Locally this place is a Denver institution and dates back to 1893. It is famous for its steaks and for travellers into cool districts, the Buckhorn Exchange is also situated in Denver’s oldest neighbourhood!


Photo by Terry Fletcher via Trover

3. Katie Mullen’s Irish Pub
An Irish Pub had to make the list as Denver has so many Irish Pubs to choose from and the lucky one that makes this list is Katie Mullen’s. This is the largest Irish Pub in Denver. They have live music every Friday night and run a well priced Happy Hour. This is a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike. The pub has a genuine Irish connection too – named after Tyrone girl Katie Mullen who left the emerald isle many moons ago for Denver, Colorado.

4. The Brewery Bar 2
Despite its beer related title, the Brewery Bar is famous in Denver for its Mexican food! It is actually a chain of Mexican bars in the city. The Brewery Bar 2 runs an all day Happy Hour on Sundays and serves up the most amazing breakfast burritos. It’s more of a dining place for families and couples than a young crowd of drinkers but well worth it for the pure Mexican feasts on offer.

5. Pints Pub
Pints Pub is a pure gem of a place and one for the Whiskey lover. They claim to have the largest single malt whiskey selection outside of Britain! Be sure to go easy when you are in this place or you may end up staggering out as they have some seriously strong whiskeys!

Pints Pub

Photo by Chris Billinger via Trover

No doubt Denver is a city full of bars, restaurants and hotels but it is important to know a few of the best ones ahead of your visit and this list certainly whets the appetite.

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