Cities Less Travelled: Denver, Colorado, USA

When you travel it’s always nice to head away from the tourist crowds. The cities less traveled often have many surprises and one of the coolest off the backpacking trail is Denver in Colorado. Denver is nicknamed the “Mile High City” because its elevation is exactly one mile above sea level, making it one of the highest major cities in the United States. Denver is famous for its views of the Rocky Mountains. Here are five cool sights to check out.

1. Colorado State Capitol

Colorado State Capitol

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The magnificent Colorado State Capitol Building is situated at 200 East Colfax Avenue. It houses the main offices for the Governor of Colorado as well as being home to the Colorado General Assembly and the Lieutenant Governor of Colorado. The building is very similar to that of the United States Capitol, which is deliberate, and it was designed by Elijah E. Myers back in the 1800s. The stunning gold dome is made partly of real gold leaf, which was added in 1908 and is there to signify the Colorado Gold Rush. The building is made from Colorado white granite and was opened in 1894.

2. Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens

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Denver Botanic Gardens is in the Cheesman neighbourhood and includes North America’s largest collection of cold temperate climate plants from around the world. The gardens and park span a vast area of 23 acres and are open to the public. There is also a sunken ampitheater which hosts a lot of concerts in the summer months. The gardens are famous for their appearance in the Woody Allen film “Sleeper.”

3. Coors Field Baseball Stadium

Coors Field, Denver

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Live baseball is right here in Denver with the massive Coors Field. Coors Field holds over 50,000 spectators and is home to the Colorado Rockies in the Major League Baseball in the US. The naming rights were purchased by Coors Brewing Company, also based in Colorado. The Colorado Rockies won the National League Championship in 2007.

4. Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

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The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a massive museum containing over one million objects. This includes natural historic and anthropological materials. A wide range of exhibitions also take place in the museum. In addition, the museum boasts a massive library and archives section.

5. Denver Microbrewery Tour

Denver Microbrewery Tour

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This could be a real highlight for you! The Denver Microbrew Tour is a two-hour guided walking tour of Denver and its vast assortment of microbreweries. The tour includes samplings at each brewery and you get a coupon for a free beer at one of the breweries along the way. Find out about the history of beer, see how it is made, try over 10 different beers, and get the lowdown on some Denver history as you go.

So hopefully these five sights should get you started when you decide to tour the less-explored city of Denver in Colorado.

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