Thirsty Thursdays: Five Cool Coffee Shops in Denver

Denver, Colorado, is a city famous for its awesome backdrop against the Rocky Mountains. It’s a popular city for tourists and business travelers alike and has a good mix of hotels to suit all types of visitors. You might have read about some of the best bars to tour in Denver and the city’s key sights, but what about relaxing coffee shops? This list has five of the best coffee shops in Denver, all with their own style and diversity.

1. Leela European Café

820 15th St.


Photo by Steven Richardson via Trover

With iced tea priced at $2, including a free refill, the Leela European Café is a fantastic budget option. Students, tourists, and business professionals can find Internet access at this 24-hour café. The food they serve has a European style to it, including omelets, paninis, and Italian sandwiches.

2. Black Black Coffee

3459 Ringsby Court

Black Black Coffee is the brainchild of a local experienced barista, Josh Nealy. Locally roasted coffee beans are the forte here, and the title of the coffee shop stems from the fact that Josh himself prefers dark coffee and espressos — those drinks not mixed with milk. Black Black Coffee is popular among admirers of strong coffee and those who have a refined taste for this beverage.

3. The Denver Bicycle Café

1308 E. 17th Ave.


Photo by Megan Celeste via Trover

The Denver Bicycle Café is awesome. This coffee shop is a work of art, opened as recently as 2011. Within its walls are bicycles, beer, coffee, and character. Enjoy some of the best coffee, bagels, and muffins in the area in the coffee shop part. The real gem about this place, however, is that the café has three elements in one: It’s a coffeehouse, a tap house for beer, and a bicycle shop. As a business, all three parts work well together and have become very popular.

4. The Study at Hotel Teatro

1100 14th St.

The Study is a themed coffee shop in downtown Denver, somewhat of an unknown gem as the shop is hidden within the Hotel Teatro. Once you step inside and see the décor, you will know this is a place to relax and enjoy some decent coffee. Despite being connected to the hotel, The Study is open to the public.

5. Purple Door Coffee

2962 Welton St.

Purple Door Coffee is a nonprofit-based coffee shop. This specialty espresso venue employs teens and young adults who have been homeless and have been through hard times. The Purple Door Coffee shop is a very open place and popular among young people living and visiting Denver. The shop also has Wi-Fi access and some cozy chairs scattered around the interior for resting and indulging in your favorite cup of coffee.

These five best coffeehouses in Denver, Colorado, represent only a few shops operating in the city. Denver has many more to explore, and you might be lucky and come across a few quirky places, rivaling those on this list, to sip a cappuccino.

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