Friday’s Featured Food: Adjarian Khachapuri in Batumi, Georgia

kachapuri georgia batumi

Friday’s Featured Food: Ajarian Kachapuri in Batumi in Georgia. Delicious!

While my motives for visiting Batumi on Georgia’s West Coast were purely visa related (I got my Azerbaijan visa there), I found myself with time on my hands as I waited around. Every morning in Batumi it was time for a massive breakfast/lunch feast. On the first morning we got a tip off from Nina and Daniel at the excellent D’Vine Hostel that we should try Laguna Restaurant was authentic Batumi style Khachapuri. This is a special edition of Friday’s Featured Food. You might get addicted to Khachapuri. Batumi’s speciality is commonly known as Adjarian Khachapuri.

ajaria kachapuri

We headed to Laguna Restaurant in Batumi to try the Ajarian Kachapuri.

First up – if you’re EVER in Batumi, Georgia DON’T MISS KHACHAPURI!!

What is Khachapuri?

It’s a Georgian bread meal which is available all over the country, however certain regions have their own style, as we found out. Types vary, most include cheese.

What is Adjarian Khachapuri?

It’s a type of Khachapuri found only in the Adjarian area, in and around Batumi. It’s a massive eye-shaped bread dish. Inside this tasty bread (yes it’s shaped like an eye/diamond) is delicious hot melting cheese, ham and a floating egg, which melts and cooks itself into the cheese and ham as you stir it downwards and get ready to devour this quintessentially Georgian meal. Khachapuri is gorgeous!

kachapuri batumi

Friday’s Featured Food: Ajarian Kachapuri in Batumi, Georgia.

Where to try the Adjarian Khachapuri?

Head to Laguna Restaurant in Batumi. It’s down some steps on the corner of 26 Maisi Street (May Street) and Z.Gorgiladze Street. If you get lost, that’s the corner closest to the Art Museum. Ask around for Laguna Restaurant and mention Khachapuri and someone will direct you there.

ajarian kachapuri batumi georgia

With my tea and Ajarian Kachapuri in Batumi, Georgia

What Khachapuri to choose?

There are lots of different Khachapuri but the Adjarian style (in the Adjara region of Georgia) is the one with egg on the top. Laguna Restaurant have a “Signature Dish” and that’s the one with ham, egg, cheese and butter which I recommend. You can also just get a regular Khachapuri and a few other types. I recommend the signature dish.

ajarian kachapuri

Absolutely delicious – Adjarian Kachapuri with egg, butter, cheese and ham.

When to try Khachapuri?

I’d recommend skipping breakfast one day and heading to Laguna Restaurant mid morning to try it – say around 10.30 am. It’s a big meal you see and it will fill you up, so it counts for me as a breakfast and lunch all in one. It’s also available other times of the day of course.

ajarian kachapuri batumi georgia

My girlfriend and I loving the Adjarian Kachapuri in Batumi, Georgia.

How much does Khachapuri cost?

As of October 2013 when we ate it in Batumi, the Khachapuri was 9 Lari for the “Signature Dish” and 6.80 Lari for the basic. Either is fine to go with! It’s a big meal and for that price a bargain really.

Adjarian Khachapuri is one of my favourite dishes from my recent travels, here’s a video of it from the Laguna Cafe in Batumi, Georgia.

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