Friday’s Featured Food: Australian Kangaroo Curry in Parramatta

Australian Kangaroo Curry on Don't Stop Living

Friday’s Featured Food – Kangaroo Curry in Australia

With today’s Friday’s Featured Food comes an apology to any kangaroo loving people out there, of which some of my ex workmates and friends in Australia were. Personally I actually love kangaroo meat, and it’s something I miss from time to time, having closed the door on my time living in the land down under back in 2011. However I’m keen to reminisce today and tell you all about the immense kangaroo curry that we made in the flat once (OK, so my flatmate Rebecca Yu made it, but we all helped in some way!).

What do you put in an Australian kangaroo curry?

In reality you can mix and match whatever you want as long as the main ingredients are kangaroo meat, some kind of sauce and rice. Here’s what we put in it:

– kangaroo pieces (really good lean meat)

Kangaroo curry in Australia

Kangaroo Meat – the essential ingredient for your Aussie Roo Curry!

– onion

– potatoes

– carrots

– water with spices

– rice

– tomatoes

(there were a few other things too, but that’s the gist of it)

Australian kangaroo curry Parramatta by Don't Stop Living

The kangaroo curry ready to eat! Lovely stuff! Devoured and necked down with an Australian beer of course!

How do you cook an Australian kangaroo curry:

Please note that I am NO CHEF! But this is a rough guide!! You came to my worldwide travel blog for random culture and cool things, sorry I can’t also be your chef…

– chop the vegetables you need

– cut the kangaroo steaks into pieces

– cook the kangaroo

– cook the vegetables

– add a bit of sauce

(oh and cook some rice too)

– mix it all in and put it on a plate

– ADD a beer (it wouldn’t be Australia without it!)

Textbook kangaroo curry in the land down under

Rebecca cooking up our excellent kangaroo curry in Parramatta, Australia

Hats off to my former flatmate Rebecca Yu for being the chef for this one. I had great times in Australia and if you go there I strongly recommend trying kangaroo and going for a kangaroo curry! Make your own recipe. Or you could try my very own speciality, Wallaby Bolognaise!!

A video of Rebecca cooking the kangaroo curry in Australia:

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