Thirsty Thursdays: Drinking Mocochinchi in Bolivia at the Markets in La Paz

Bolivian Mocochinchi in La Paz markets

Thirsty Thursdays: Drinking Mocochinchi in downtown La Paz in Bolivia. Loving it!

I had never heard of Mocochinchi before arriving in Bolivia in 2010. In fact, it was only my curiosity while walking round the streets of La Paz that I decided I had to buy one and try it. In the end I loved it and went back for more. It’s a refreshing drink, which you can buy in market stalls in downtown La Paz. I have to assume you can buy it in other places in Bolivia but La Paz was the only place I saw it (I also visited Potosi and Uyuni and spent a night in Santa Cruz de la Sierra).

What is Mocochinchi??

It’s a sweet drink made with water, peach, sugar and cinnamon. Though there may be several variants in it. The peach is left to stay in the drink until it is ready. It’s a Bolivian speciality.

Bolivian drinks Mocochinchi in La Paz

What my glass of mocochinchi looked like in the market stalls in La Paz, Bolivia

Where in La Paz can you get Mocochinchi?

Street side markets, or make it yourself. It’s not really on menus in restaurants. Some of the very locals cafes and bars might have them, but stick to buying it by the side of the road from market stalls. I got mine in the downtown area right opposite the prominent church Iglesia de San Francisco (you might be able to tell that if you watch the video below).

market stalls with mocochinchi in La Paz Bolivia

Central La Paz waiting while the locals prepare the Mocochinchi at the street side stalls.

What does Mocochinchi taste like?

It’s sweet and delicious. I thought it tastes like clove or cinnamon but yet it is made from peeled and dried peaches. It’s non alcoholic and yes, drinking Mocochinchi tastes good and helps prevent soroche (altitude sickness).

Drinking mocochinchi in La Paz Bolivia

The line of Mocochinchis in La Paz waiting to be sold.

How much does Mocochinchi cost?

Drinking Mocochinchi in Bolivia will save you money. Stay off the beer and drink this stuff! For 1 Boliviana you can get a massive glass in the downtown area. You hang around and sit with the street sellers to drink it, but it’s so cheap, you have to love it if you’re a budget traveller.

Jonny Blair loving mocochinchi in La Paz Bolivia

Chat away to the locals as they prepare your Mocochinchi in Bolivia – market stalls in La Paz.

So that’s it for today – if you are ever in La Paz in Bolivia, please try Mocochinchi – it’s cheap, sweet and good for your health. Plus the locals that serve it are so friendly. I chatted away to them every time I popped by for a drink. Plus La Paz is a fantastic city – I loved it!

Big church in central La Paz Jonny Blair a lifestyle of travel

Don’t forget it’s a thirsty Thursdays with a view. La Paz is a city embedded into the mountains. This is the view from my Mocochinchi!

A Video of me Trying Mocochinchi in Bolivia (in the markets of La Paz):

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