Friday’s Featured Food: Camel Meat Stew in Yazd, Iran

trying camel meat in iran

Friday’s Featured Food: Camel Meat Stew in Yazd, Iran.

I spent a whole month backpacking in Iran such was my desire to make the most of my Iranian visa and see as much of the country as I could. Despite rumours beforehand that the food would be terrible, it came as a pleasant surprise to taste a few above average meals. While the breakfasts were very much basic and below average, a few of the dinners took my fancy. I couldn’t resist trying Camel Meat Stew in Yazd, on our visit to this city.

yazd in iran

Yazd is an old city in central Iran.

What are the ingredients of camel meat stew?

I’d say just swap the beef for camel in the normal ingredients of a beef stew and you’ve got it spot on. Camel meat stew is just like a beef stew. The camel meat is cooked and mixed with some sauce, potatoes, herbs and spices.

silk road hotel menu

The menu at the Silk Road Hotel and Restaurant, Yazd, Iran.

Where can you try camel meat stew?

A few cities in Iran will sell it – it’s best to try it in the desert towns and cities, so Yazd is a good place to try camel meat stew. In Yazd, I’d recommend heading to the Silk Road Hotel and Restaurant to sample the camel meat stew. We also stayed in this hotel which had wi-fi (slow), hot showers, nice architecture and free breakfast.

Friday’s Featured Food: Camel Meat Stew in Yazd, Iran.

How much does camel meat stew cost?

I paid 110,ooo Rials for the dish, which works out at just under $4 US Dollars, so not bad at all. I chose to have rice with it, but I shared that with my girlfriend, so the entire meal cost under $5 US Dollars.

Friday’s Featured Food: Camel Meat Stew in Yazd, Iran.

Was the camel meat stew any good?

Yes it was very tasty and I finished it all! It just tasted so much like beef though, yet the colour was darker.

If you are ever in Iran, I totally recommend trying camel meat in some way – the stew was a perfect meal to sample camel. I washed it down with a tin of non alcoholic coffee which tasted like an odd mix of beer and coffee…

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