Friday’s Featured Food: Lunch in Paradise on Sloth Island, Guyana

My experience so far backpacking in Guyana has been simply incredible. As well as touring Georgetown and the epic Kaieteur Falls, we made it out to the tranquil Sloth Island. It was on Sloth Island that we enjoyed a feast of a meal in paradise and it calls for a Friday’s Featured Food!

Friday's Featured Food: My lunch in paradise on Sloth Island, Guyana

Friday’s Featured Food: My lunch in paradise on Sloth Island, Guyana

Arrival on Sloth Island
After touring Parika and a one hour speedboat to Bartica, we saw some of Bartica before getting a small wooden boat with an engine across to Sloth Island. This is like a little hidden paradise. We are greeted by Ann from Dagron Tours and on arrival are given an ice cold passion fruit juice which we devour in the shaded patio area. It’s time to relax.

sloth island resort

The patio and shaded hut at Sloth Island Resort.

We get a quick tour of the Sloth Island resort which boasts lots of bedrooms, a beach, a volleyball court and a full outdoor patio with a bar.

sloth island tours

Cruising round Sloth Island in Guyana.

Lunch at Sloth Island
Drinks – An ice cold bottle of Banks Beer is served and as well as the passion fruit juice, we also have water to sip.

sloth island guyana

Having a Banks Beer at Sloth Island resort.

Food – Then the food arrives. It’s a feast. Here’s what arrives in the various bowls and dishes:

– Freshly cooked Trout
– Mashed potatoes
– Mashed aubergines (known as “egg” plants in some countries)
– Pumpkins
– Rice
– Spicy Guyanese sauce
– Salt and pepper

sloth island tour guyana

My feast on Sloth Island in Guyana!

I try a bit of all of it, and it’s delicious. Washed down with the passion fruit juice and in a tranquil surrounding.

After finishing there is dessert – sliced peaches in juice.

sloth island relax guyana

Relaxing in a hammock on Sloth Island, Guyana

Sloth Island was such an incredible experience and the lunch time feast was one of the nicest and most relaxing meals I have had in the last few months of travel. I will try and write about the tour itself on another post. Here is the Information for booking a tour to Sloth Island which includes the lunch plus you can really live and dream and stay overnight on Sloth Island, the rooms are very cosy!

Cosy rooms on Sloth Island, Guyana.

Cosy rooms on Sloth Island, Guyana.

Sloth Island Reserve
Address:Essequibo River,Guyana
Tel: 227-5575/223-7921
Mobile: 592-610-7597/610-2408
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

The paradise of Sloth Island, Guyana.

The paradise of Sloth Island, Guyana.

Here is a video from the feast at Sloth Island:

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