Friday’s Featured Food: Pique A Lo Macho, Potosi, Bolivia

eating pique a lo macho potosi bolivia

Friday’s Featured Food: Pique a lo macho in Potosi, Bolivia.

Today we’re back in Bolivia with their superb dish known as “Pique a lo macho”. I had never heard of it until I stepped foot in Bolivia. But having had it a few times in the country I loved it, recommend it and have to say that Bolivians can cook!! Even if their poor economy sadly deprives them of the cashflow to savour the finest steaks on earth. None of that will ever bother you as you fall in love with Bolivia’s endless charms. They make up for their lack of resources and riches with Pique a Lo Macho, a local dish. I’ll talk about the one I had in Potosi, which also happens to be the world’s highest city.

eating pique a lo macho in Potosi bolivia

Santa Clara restaurant in Potosi, Bolivia where I first tried Pique a lo macho.

I headed to a restaurant called Santa Clara in Potosi to try it. I had a local guide with me called Zelinda – I had just completed the excellent mining tour and the tour guide finished work early so she agreed to take me round the city. I knew I had to try the Pique a Lo Macho. You don’t go to Bolivia and ask for beans on toast.

potosi bolivia santa clara

The menu in Santa Clara, Potosi, Bolivia.

The menu was exactly what I wanted to see. I opted for the special Pique Macho Santa Clara which was 29 Bolivianas. I needed a drink with it, and as this was a lunchtime meal and had more sightseeing ahead I opted for a non alcoholic one. Total bill was around $5 US Dollars, which I know is not cheap for Bolivian standards, but hold on this was GOOD food.

milkshake at santa clara pique a lo macho bolivia

Non alcoholic milkshake to wash down my spicy pique a lo macho in Potosi, Bolivia.

If you want to ask about altitude sickness and me, then I will talk about it some other time. I spent (wasted?) a full day in La Paz trying to shake it off as well as waking up with a migraine in the deserts of Uyuni. I’m normally fairly immune to these things, but never forget that health is actually the number one thing in your life. Travel, and trying pique a lo macho in the highest city in the world can take second place.

What’s in Bolivian Pique a lo macho?

  • slices of steak
  • sliced hot dogs
  • chips
  • salt
  • oil
  • sliced boiled eggs
  • onions
  • green and red peppers/locotos peppers (spicy ones)
  • tomatoes

That’s pretty much it. It’s memorable – you will devour it and you will more than likely finish your meal. I tried the same meal again a few days later while on a tour of the Salar De Uyuni and I admit that the Bolivians have a real consistency. It tasted just the same and just as good. I’d recommend it. You can get it just about anywhere in Bolivia. The spicy one is nicer, and also helps kill any germs. I’ll talk about my spicy Bolivian curry and my “Toby” as some other point…

Jonny Blair in Potosi Bolivia

Enjoying the mining tour in Potosi – the world”s highest city!

Here’s a video of me in the city centre of Potosi, Bolivia:

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4 thoughts on “Friday’s Featured Food: Pique A Lo Macho, Potosi, Bolivia

  • This pique a la macho sounds slightly horrifying, but also tempting! I’m a little worried about altitude sickness in Bolivia, but hopefully this dish can help us over it if we get it!

  • You’ll be fine – you will love Bolivia, it’s head and shoulders above most of South America in terms of real travel experience. No office blocks or brand names here – it’s a proper country! For the altitude sickness just make sure you drink LOADS of Coca tea, and chew Coca Leaves, even if it makes you high. Safe travels, Jonny

  • Hilarious shot of you in the mining tour in Potosi – cross between Indian Jones and a homeless guy.
    I just love stopping here and delight in the unexpected.

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