Friday’s Featured Food: Portuguese Style Egg Tarts in Macau

macau portuguese style egg tarts

Friday’s Featured Food – Portuguese style egg tarts in Macau!

I love Macau, the ex-Portuguese colony in Asia and a part of the Chinese empire and have been twice in the last year or so. However apart from my posts on how to get to Macau and my story of winning in the Casino there, I haven’t written much about it, time for a Macau speciality on Friday’s Featured Food then.

portuguese style egg tarts in macau

Trying Portuguese style egg tarts in Macau.

The Portuguese influence on Macau makes this a very unique part of the world. Mixing the colonial Portuguese style buildings and streets with the mayhem and hustle and bustle of a Chinese city.

portugal buildings macau

The charming colonial part of Macau, the Portuguese influence…

I class Macau as a separate country (own currency, own border control, own visa regulations, own flag, own international football team etc.). There isn’t really another place I have been that is like it. Let’s get hungry for some Macau style Portuguese egg tarts!

Portuguese Egg Tarts in Macau plus what they are in Chinese!

Portuguese Egg Tarts in Macau plus what they are in Chinese!

Where can you buy Macau style Portuguese tarts?

They are easy to find while you’re in Macau. On the main streets, on the side streets, in the malls and in the Casino complexes. Look around and you’ll see them.

macau egg tarts

The Portuguese style egg tarts in the Galaxy Casino’s shopping malls in Macau.

They’re instantly recogniseable, very distinctive and incredibly popular. I’ve a sweet tooth for stuff like this, evident from my Brunei Cheesecake post and days working as an ice cream seller.

What is in a Macau Portuguese style egg tart?

Egg is the obvious one, and here’s the ingredients to make 10 (courtesy of Rasa Malaysia):

Ingredients A (Crust):

1 box of Betty Crocker Pie Crust Mix (Net Wt 11 Oz) or 1 frozen and rolled Pillsbury 9-inch pie crust
3 tablespoons melted butter
1/3 cup cold water

Ingredients B (Filling):

4 egg yolks
1/3 cup of sugar (or slightly less if you don’t like your Portuguese egg tarts too sweet)
1/3 cup of heavy whipping cream
1/3 cup of milk
3 drops of vanilla extract

Click on the link to find out how to make them (or be a lazy backpacker like me and just buy them 😉 )

portuguese egg tarts

Jonny Blair trying Portuguese style egg tarts in Macau

How much does a Macau Portuguese style egg tart cost?

We paid 4 Macau Dollars each, but buy in bulk and you get a saving in most places. They will be cheaper in the local side streets, we ended up buying them most recently in the Galaxy Casino complex! Worth the money though – delicious!

If you’re ever in Macau, I totally recommend trying them. Macau, astonishingly has a load of tasty dessert type snacks, hope I can feature more of them on a future Friday’s Featured Food!

A video of me trying Portuguese Style Egg Tarts in Macau:

A video I found on how to make them:

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