Thirsty Thursdays: Chinese Coffee in Little Likeng Village, Jiangxi Province, China

cappuccino in jiangxi

Thirsty Thursdays – having a cappuccino in Little Likeng in China’s Jiangxi Province.

Last week’s thirsty Thursdays came from the Jiangxi Province of China, and this week’s one does too! While last week I wrote about how I sipped peach wine in the unknown town of Xiaoqi, today I recollect the morning spent sipping a cappuccino in Little Likeng village.

coffee in china little likeng

Loving being the only tourist in Little Likeng and having a COFFEE. In CHINA.

The thing that makes it most interesting for me is that it’s coffee. In China. OK so you can get coffee in most parts of China these days, and horrible brands like Starbucks have even opened stores in the big cities, but in remote villages this is a novelty.

coffee in china little likeng

Nice cup of coffee in the real China, slightly off the beaten track here – no other tourists in Little Likeng.

However when you escape the madness of cities like Guangzhou, Shanghai and Nanchang you won’t see big name coffee brands anywhere!! (Thankfully) Yet you can find off the beaten track “coffee houses”. This coffee experience in the village of Little Likeng was my second time to try coffee in a remote part of China.


little likeng jiangxi

My top notch Chinese cappuccino in Little Likeng Village, Jiangxi Province, China.

Previously I had a coffee in the village of Taxia (also known as Ta Pa Tsune) in the Fujian Province. China is full of surprises. So to this idyllic non-touristy, local and ancient village of Little Likeng. Little Likeng sits on a small river and is a village in the countryside of the Jiangxi Province, nice photo below…

little likeng china

Relaxing in Little Likeng, this is how you dreamt China to be…

I will write more about the village itself and the Jiangxi Tour but for now, while walking along the pretty streets by the river of Little Likeng, myself and my girlfriend felt the need to revitalize with a fresh cappuccino. I’m not the only travel blogger who uses this tactic, check out Wandering Earl’s post on “How to spend your first 20 minutes in a country”.

cappuccino in china

View from my cappuccino…in Little Likeng.

Coffee is a great drink to sit down, sip and suddenly have more energy afterwards! But even in remote villages of China, coffee doesn’t come cheap, which is peculiar as China is probably the cheapest country I have ever been to (except maybe Paraguay or Belarus…). A beer costs a low 5RMB (even in a bar), yet a coffee is a staggering 26 RMB. Amazing eh?! But not a rip off.

little likeng china

Our coffee table as the only backpackers in Little Likeng…

China does cheap beer and China has LOTS of tea. Coffee, however, for the most part is still a luxury in China. So at one of the few coffee houses along the river we sat down. Ordered two cappuccinos and enjoyed the view. My girlfriend ordered them in Chinese, but as these places become more touristy the locals and the people working in coffee houses, tea houses and hostels develop a knowledge of English. If I’d have asked for two cappuccinos in English here, I’d probably have been understood.

postcard little likeng jiangxi china

I left a postcard for the coffee shop – probably the only time they’d ever witnessed someone writing in English.

There were no other non-Asian people around. Not just in Little Likeng but on the entire Jiangxi Villages tour we did. I was the only foreigner (non Asian)! A bunch of Koreans and some Chinese did turn up in Little Likeng, but my presence raised a few eyebrows. We toured the village of Little Likeng on our own as we stayed in a hostel just opposite the village, you can stay in the village itself (lots of places offer accommodation).For the other remote villages we hired a driver (the easiest way to get to places like Jiangling).

coffee in likeng china jonny blair

With the coffee shop owner in Little Likeng, China.

The lady working in the coffee shop gave me a postcard to write and place on the wall there. Well she actually was giving me the postcard as a gift to send, but everyone else had put theirs on the wall. Mine went up there and was the only one written in English! As we relaxed and got that burst of energy we needed, it was time to explore the rest of this charming village!

My videos from drinking Chinese coffee in Little Likeng:

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