Fujian Tour Part 8 – Nightfall in Taxia Village *

No trip to the outstanding World Heritage Earthen Buildings region of Fujian Province would be complete without spending a night in one of them. Which is what Panny and I did, sleeping in the Qingde Building, which has been converted into a wonderful “hotel”.

We were in Room 39 on the top floor (the third floor up). And while we still had a night to enjoy relaxing, we decided to head round and see Taxia Village by night. It was our only chance to see it in darkness.

The Qingde Building – or the Hotel of Qingde. Our accomodation for the night.

Surprisingly the small village of Taxia was lit up at night – yes our walk did involve some darkness.

In fairness the photos on this part of the report will hardly be the best I’ve ever put up, it’s just a brief insight into a typical Chinese Village by night. I don’t even know what the above building, lit up is – perhaps a school or hotel.

The pretty bridge and river area in Taxia is worth seeing. This walk we did by night was the same route that we had taken earlier to get to De Yuan Tang – the Ancestor’s Memorial.

Lit up river pictures in Taxia. It was pretty and I also liked the way there weren’t too many lights. The essence of Chinese communities is togetherness and wasting electricity on pointless lighting wouldn’t go down too well. 

I had a few beers during the day and another one (A Snow Beer) awaited for me back at the hostel so on our walk we decided on an evening coffee. And what a surprise to find a coffee shop with the word coffee written in English!

Me looking a bit colder than I actually was, outside the coffee shop. It was March – I don’t remember it being cold at all – the mind plays tricks.

Panny and I each ordered a cappuccino.

The coffee house was inside an Earthen Building too – but a modernised one. It was a well decorated coffee shop. Chinese posters line the wall, some of them propaganda.

The coffee shop – see how it looks like an Earthen Building, especially the balconies. It probably started as one and then got modernised. I liked it. Great place for a coffee.

No flash and flash. Panny and I waiting on our cups of coffee.

Panny’s coffee.

The menu was also in English. 25 Yuan is under 2 pounds.

The menu. 

Everyone left a wee note on the wall and it was at this point I noticed the coffee house was also part of a homestay – you can stay upstairs. Some of the notes were written in English. Of course I wasn’t the only Chinese to go there – but this weekend I didn’t see another foreigner.

Old banknotes on the walls.

We took turns to pose for a photo at the back of the coffee shop.

The cheapest beer was only 6 Yuan. This just shows you what places like China are like. Our cappuccinos were 4 times the price of a beer. This is because coffee is seen as a foreign delicacy. Beer is all Chinese here. Normally in life, given these options I’d always favour the beer, especially at that price. But it just felt right to have a coffee that night.

With our cappuccinos.

Panny got a better design. But then again it’s not art, it’s a drink!

It was time for a walk along the riverside and head back to the hostel. 

This waterside pavilion was lit up at night, and was probably the highlight of the street viewing at night.

What else happens in Taxia by night? Well there were not many people around, but the locals sit and eat together in large groups, couples walk by the river and some people play Mahjong.

Panny and I riverside. We were actually the only couple out at this time. It was that quiet.

On the bridge.

This was the outer view of our wee coffee shop on our walk back down. Funnily we hadn’t noticed the coffee shop earlier in daylight. It must have been the lit up sign that enticed us.

The Pavilion on the river at night. It was a lot better being there than looking at these photos. We walked slowly and casually as it had been a busy day, and we had another busy day and early start ahead. A few final photos with my Northern Ireland flag at Taxia Village by night. It was time for that short walk home, a beer and a sleep. Part 9 and the final part of the Fujian Day Tour will cover the hostel itself. The following day Panny and I got a morning bus to Xiamen. So I have plenty more to come from the Fujian Province, we also made it to the island of Gu Lang Yu and the only Irish Pub in Xiamen – which is now shut.

Where – Taxia Village (or Ta Pa Tsune), Shuyang Town, Nanjing County, Fujian Province, CHINA

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3 thoughts on “Fujian Tour Part 8 – Nightfall in Taxia Village *

  • Hey Jonny,

    I’m a big fan of your blog, after coming across it by chance last year. I check in for updates a couple of times of week and always enjoy reading your posts. Circumstances unfortunately mean i don’t do much travelling myself so your posts give me a great insight into places off the beaten track.
    Please keep up the good work.

  • I appreciate your comments Steve, thanks. Yes I have been to some places well off the beaten track and I often prefer them to places like New York, Sydney, London. Less tourists can often mean cheaper prices too. I’ve been to Surrey a few times having spent 6 years living in England though most of my recent adventures have been outside the UK. I gathered that I can do all my UK travel places when I get a bit older and live there again!


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