From Sorrento to Amalfi Coast and Capri Island – Best Day Trips & Boat Tours

One of the most adored places on this planet is Italy. Of all the destinations you can visit in this beautiful country, Sorrento is a great place to spend your holiday this year. Situated in Italy’s southern region by the beautiful Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is a small coastal town.

From Sorrento to Amalfi Coast and Capri Island - Best Day Trips & Boat Tours

From Sorrento to Amalfi Coast and Capri Island – Best Day Trips & Boat Tours

It might be small in size but offers some of the best tourist activities. From here, you can take a ferry and travel to islands like Capri, Ischia, Amalfi, and Naples. Tourists flock this place throughout the year, who come here to enjoy and relax peacefully.

Top Things to Do/ Places to Visit in Sorrento

When you are in Sorrento, there are a myriad of activities that you can participate in. Every corner of this Italian town calls for history, exploration, and adventure. Here are the top things you can do in and around Sorrento.

  • Old Town

Visit the Old Town of Sorrento and have fun exploring the rich culture of the place. There are plenty of antique shops, cafes, old school restaurants, and libraries where you can spend the whole day.

The picturesque Old Town holds the charming feel and true Italian tradition till this very date. The pastel color buildings are just perfect for your photos.

  • Capri

A magnificent and unique Italian island off the Sorrentine Peninsula coast, Capri is a glamorous location if you want to relax. You can book one of the exotic villas or spend the night in an exquisite boat. Go for a yacht ride through the glistening waters and explore more about this fantastic location.

Wake up in the morning to the most beautiful sunrise and have a delicious breakfast on the boat deck. Visit and check out the several packages that they offer.

  • Piazza Tasso

If you want to engage in some fun and thrilling activity in Sorrento, Piazza Tasso is the best place to be in. You’ll see hundreds of tourists flocking the area all day round. Many horse-drawn carriages pick up and drop tourists. Don’t forget to click pictures of the string of yellow buildings.

  • Bellevue Syrene

If you love watching sunsets, then Bellevue Syrene is the best place to be in Sorrento. It is a massive shaded terrace from where you can enjoy the coastal escape of the town.

You will be overlooking the entire Mariana Grande with a glass of your favorite cocktail in your hand. The place also has a Villa Comunale Park, which gives you an incredible scenic view of the beaches.

  • Amalfi Coast

One of the most popular tourist locations in Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, is a 50 km long coastal stretch by Sorrentine Peninsula. The sheer cliffs, crystalline waters, and picture-perfect coastal town make it a haven for those who love visiting the tropical regions.

There is dense vegetation of cliffside lemon and olive groves all around the place. The winding roads offer a thrilling drive as well.

Well, these are the best ways in which you can spend your much-awaited holidays in Sorrento. Make sure to note them down in your journal and forget to experience all the scenic activities that we just mentioned.

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