EaseUS: An Excellent Video Editor To Check Out

As a long term professional travel blogger, it is important to stay up to date with the latest apps, websites and technology at our disposal. Or else, it is easy to get left behind. I started uploading onto my YouTube Channel way back in 2007 (around the same time as this website was launched). However, when I had to make video edits, I usually got others to do them for me – I was never an expert at video editing. Today, I write about EaseUS, a company which dates back to 2004 and they specialise in data protection and have excellent video editing software. This makes things easier in the video editing world. Thus, of course making blog promotion easier. With the launch of my book series “Backpacking Centurion” starting on 25th June 2020, I though I would head to EaseUS to check it all out and hopefully once I have mastered it and am professional enough, I will have a quality book promo video ready for everyone. Here is a rough overview of EaseUS – An Excellent Video Editor To Check Out.

EaseUS: An Excellent Video Editor To Check Out

EaseUS: An Excellent Video Editor To Check Out

What Is EaseUS Video Editor?

EaseUS is an easy to use online video editor to help make your videos professional and easily edited from the comfort of your computer screen. The idea of the company is that video editing should be easy, fun and creative and that is exactly what EaseUS is.

EaseUS, established in 2004, are an international leading software company in data backup, data recovery and disk management fields. They always keep focus on data security and the best users experience. With decades of research and self-development, EaseUS products of advanced technology are now installed on millions of computers, workstation and servers worldwide to make easy digital life. Their services or software cover: research and development of computer software for others; maintenance of computer software; computer programming; computer software design; installation of computer software. The latest trick up their sleeve is this excellent video editor…

Who uses EaseUS Video Editor?

EaseUS Video editor is for everyone who wants to experiment in video editor. It is used by video editors, vloggers, bloggers and novice tech people all over the world. That is the video editor part. However, on the grand scale of things, there are over 200,000,000 EaseUS users around the world, a figure which speaks for itself. EaseUS is a huge company that specialises in protecting digital life for home users, businesses, enterprises, organizations, technicians and service providers. Their professional data backup and security solutions are spread across 160 countries and regions worldwide.

EaseUS Video Editor

How to Install EaseUS Video Editor?

This is the great part – it was fast and easy to install and understand. A simple 10 second tutorial and I was ready to go. I am hardly a tech savvy blogger, but this made it easy, as is the brand name suggestion of course – EaseUS…so I downloaded the free version to test it all out. Once you get the hang of that and grow into it, you can then subscribe monthly to the full version, which of course has unlimited extras.

EaseUS: An Excellent Video Editor To Check Out

EaseUS: An Excellent Video Editor To Check Out

Using EaseUS

As a novice video blogger (or should I say vlogger) I admit that I am still in the early days of getting into video blogging but my first week of trying EaseUS has gone well. EaseUS believe that every moment in our life is worthy of being cherished and recorded. This is something I share, as I recall my glory days of backpacking…

The pure magic of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

No matter what you want to share – your videos or present your work masterpiece, EaseUS Video Editor can surprise you with endless possibilities and great results. It is simply a super modern video editing helper you don’t want to miss. As one of the most popular video editing tools out there, EaseUS is packed with an inspiring array of effects to make your videos stand out. To give them that special final touch and make you look better than your peers and subordinates. It gives you quick access to all visual effects and transitions, plus drag-and-drop features to save time on complex visual effects tasks. As I mentioned, it can appeal to new users, those who are not even experienced at video editing and of course – those pro video editors too. In other words, EaseUS Video Editor is perfect for all skill levels! So what are you waiting for? Get it downloaded and test it out! Here is the link you need:

Download EaseUS Video Editor

While my videos on EaseUS are still in progress, here are two recent promotional videos I was involved in prior to the release of my Book Series, Backpacking Centurion:

Global Weby Interview, January 2020 in Warszawa, Poland:

Exclusive interview on Belfast Real, September 2020 in Northern Ireland:

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