Issues With Travelling This Year During The Coronavirus Crisis

In recent time, few years have left as much turmoil in their way as 2020; from a debilitating virus to a subsequent spiral effect resulting in movement restrictions, halting of learning activities, job losses and unprecedented economic meltdowns worldwide. COVID-19 took the world by great surprise, arriving so early on in the year and is still causing havoc in some countries several months down the line.

Issues With Travelling This Year During The Coronavirus Crisis

Issues With Travelling This Year During The Coronavirus Crisis

Many people have shelved their travel plans for the year altogether. However, with the pandemic seemingly under control in most countries, all is not lost. You can still pack up and brace yourself for a memorable journey to various destinations, albeit with a few considerations including:

Re-opening Destinations

The re-opening of various destinations globally has revived the hopes of many holiday seekers. To check which countries have eased travel restrictions, you can refer to the Open Travel Index from Omio. For instance, there are currently no restrictions for all of Croatia’s visitors. If Croatia is one of the destinations on your bucket list, there has never been a better time to head there. As you pack for the holiday of a lifetime, remember that Coronavirus remains a threat in the absence of a vaccine. Wear your mask, sanitise and keep distance.

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Issues With Travelling This Year During The Coronavirus Crisis

Flight Restrictions

The aviation sector has received the most significant blow from COVID-19 since most airport operations shut down at the apex of the infections. Fortunately, operations are slowly resuming in worldwide, with the addition of regulations to safeguard the health of stakeholders. Passengers and crew are now required to wear face masks and subjected to temperature checks. Major tourist attractions are now open in various parts of the world, including popular Caribbean spots like the Bahamas and Barbados. However, if you don’t have a negative COVID-19 test less than 10 days old, prepare to quarantine for several days if you are from a high-risk country like the USA.

Issues With Travelling This Year During The Coronavirus Crisis

Issues With Travelling This Year During The Coronavirus Crisis

Opting for Road Trips

Low gas prices, coupled with fewer restrictions, have made road travel the choice for most travellers. The USA, in particular, has experienced a surge of road users keen to have a good time travelling between states. Road trips are not only great for a refreshing experience, but a safer alternative to flights as contact with the masses is significantly limited. The uptake of road use has greatly benefited local tourism, enabling the industry to remain afloat in these unprecedented times. The trend is replicated in various parts of Europe as travellers opt to visit areas of interest via road.

New Travel Requirements

States and local councils have created new travel requirements for the safety of their citizens. Some states, like Alaska, in the USA, require visitors to fill a traveller declaration form and carry proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Canada remains strict on travel restrictions to its territories only allowing Canadian citizens in while locking out foreign visitors. Ensure you can meet the travel requirements in your destination as you plan for your journey.

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Issues With Travelling This Year During The Coronavirus Crisis

New Health Insurance Requrements

A few governments have gone the extra mile to ask visitors to have proof of an existing medical insurance before clearance. This is to mitigate the risk of treating visitors who fall ill with COVID-19 within their territories without a medical cover, forcing such governments to foot their medical bills. A few countries requiring their visitors to have mandatory medical cover include the United Arab Emirates, Aruba, Costa Rica and Tahiti.

Despite the new travel restrictions, the gradual opening up of locations post-lockdown offers a ray of hope for people still hoping for a memorable holiday this year. We have survived the tough times preceeded by the announcement of the first case.  Although we are not out of the woods yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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