Good Friday at Mount Druitt, Australia: Sunset, Barbecue, Drinks at Pauls…

Good Friday 2011 came round and having been working about 6 shifts a week for the last few months, I found myself with a lucky Good Friday off. In fact it was probably the only Friday I ever had off work at PJ Gallagher’s Irish Pub in Parramatta. I’d need to check but I’d be fairly certain of it.

Parramatta city centre on that day, as you can see was dead. Offices and shops all closed down.

But the Sydney railway system was still on and I got myself a ticket from Parramatta to Mount Druitt. Its further west out of the city and I had never been there before. The reason was Paul Hewitt (former head chef from the pub) lived in Mount Druitt and had invited a load of us round for a party, on Good Friday. 

Parramatta train station, as evident from above was also very quiet that day.

I love train travel and this trip involved a change, the view on the edge of Parramatta on route to Mount Druitt.

I had to change at Richmond I believe.

Changing Trains at Richmond (possibly).

I was reading Shaun Schofield’s “Albania to America” book at the time!

My view on the way to Mount Druitt. Got to love train journeys, and random ones.

Sunset was on its way – I had left Parramatta late afternoon.

Arrival at Mount Druitt. I got off the train alone and had memorised the directions from a map on the internet. I reckoned it was a 10 minute walk.

I passed through what must have been the main street in Mount Druitt. A reminder of Belfast in Northern Ireland shot up at me with this Castlereagh Imaging Sign on a Shop!

A shopping centre in Mount Druitt. Needless to say all the streets were deserted, Australians clearly having taken the time off to relax rather than leave the flat.

My walk down towards Paul’s house featured a sensational sunset. Mount Druitt, due to its height and soaring views is a great place to watch the sun go down…

Sunset in Mount Druitt. Good Friday, 2011.

Another nice sunset shot.

Mount Druitt housing estates in sunset.

Mount Druitt trees in sunset.

There was a random RAAF Memorial Park on the main road before I found Paul’s street, Samarai Road.

Sunset hits Paul’s street. 

And I found Paul’s house very quickly. Australian streets are typically like this. Spread out, spaced out, large gardens, and often bungalows.

I didn’t visit many of my work mates flats or houses while living in Australia (odd given the amount of friends I made there) but Paul’s place has a bar in it!! He built his own bar in his garage. A dream I also have if I get a place of my own sometime.

Paul is a big whiskey fan and he collects a lot of different styles and brands of whiskey. This corner of his garage reminded me of my Uncle Jack, and something Jack would love to have.

I said I was on a night off so wouldn’t be doing barman, mind you almost everyone at the party also worked in bars, so we basically just got our own drinks! I brought a few beers with me and stuck them in the fridge. But Paul said “help yourself” and opened up the fridge where I helped myself to a bottle of Corona.

As well as having a bar in the corner, there was also a pool table and live music. Paul’s garage is a great place for a party. Paul’s wife had recently given birth as well and Paul had a dog. 

Tommy, Carla and Yvette pretend to be in a rock band as the music system belted out many classics!

Tommy, Carla and Yvette – PJ’s Fake Rock Band!

A better shot of them rocking out. I stuck to playing pool and drinking! Oh and eating! Paul put on a barbecue and gave us all a feed of hotdogs! He is a chef of course, that’s how I met him when he worked at PJ Gallagher’s Irish Pub.

The host himself – Paul Hewitt and one of his finest whiskeys!

Brad and Tamara playing pool.

Me behind the bar trying a few of the whiskeys.

Paul has whiskeys you didn’t even know about. I thought there were only about 2 or 3 types of Jim Beam – but Paul has basically the full set.

Wild Turkey, Maker’s Mark, Jack Daniels etc.

I liked this stuff – Wild Turkey American Honey.

With the host Paul. The party went on quite late and into the early hours of Easter Saturday, when I was back in work that night. Paul as host and with his newborn hadn’t actually drank too much and he gave myself and Tommy a lift home. It was my only ever visit to Mount Druitt, my only ever house party at Paul’s and I haven’t actually seen Paul since. I left Parramatta and Australia shortly after to persue my new life in Hong Kong. It was a nice memory of Good Friday in the land down under. Thanks, Paul!

What – Party at Paul’s

Where – Paul’s Garage and Bar, Mount Druitt, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

Who Was There – Rebecca, Brad, Tamara, Paul, Tommy, Paul’s wife, Paul’s baby, Paul’s dog, Yvette, Carla, Frankie and a few others I forgot

Drinks – Corona Beer, A Range of Whiskies

Food – Hot Dogs

Key Moments – Enjoying the home made bar and sunset on route

Key Song –



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