Goodnight Parramatta, It Was Sheer Bliss, We’ll Meet Again *

Goodnight Parramatta – internet in New Zealand is shit so photos and videos are banned sorry…

I had been so busy, I just about had it all sorted for leaving Parramatta for a 108 day stint globetrotting again – this time I would be entering three new continents, to finish off visiting all seven continents.

While South America, Antarctica and Africa all had to wait, there was the small matter of saying goodbye to Parramatta for now. It had been a nice year there and I worked right up until Wednesday, having just one day to pack, get ready, party and say my goodbyes.

As it happened I was nowhere near ready for leaving. I hadn’t packed hardly anything, or even sorted my stuff out.

And I was also hoping to have saved and copied all my photos and videos onto CDs before leaving…time had run out and I had planned to meet the regulars in PJ Gallagher’s Irish Pub at 5pm, the night before my flight out – scheduled departure time was 10.15 am.

I arrived in PJs at 5 pm with three things – my green NI fleece with all my badges on it, my NI fleg which has clocked up some miles and also a cutting from page 2 of the local Parramatta Sun, which our very own Jacqueline Victoria is featured in. I started on the Guinness, but the regulars drink Carlton, so I had a few of those.

Phil, pictured in the white top there is one of our regulars and he had got all the regulars down to say bye, which was a nice touch given that I’d only worked there for 6 months in total! Phil also decided to buy me THREE shots of Absinth, which is 55% alcohol. Its a green shot and on my last night I was hardly going to turn it down.

So I bought him an Irish Car Bomb cocktail, as well as one for Mr. Reed one of our esteemed regulars. Irish Car Bomb for those who don’t know is Guinness with a shot of Baileys and a shot of Jamesons in it. Given that I had also downed a Quick Fuck shot with soon to be birthday girl, Kristie it was starting off with carnage…

Brad was working but finished early so he could start drinking with us, and by 8 pm the idea was to meet in the Albion nearby. Many people had turned up. I will miss these wonderful workmates, it was especially nice to see Teigan there smiling and the naturally beautiful Marlee. Plus Kristie and Michael who I had worked with for almost a year. Regulars Gary, Mick, Dave, Harry… Pretty Lisa. MY mate Pat. Ilka, the Australian-Lithuanian even turned up with green shamrock ear-rings, and Jacqui was there fresh from her stint on local radio.

I met Michael Klamo from work on route to the Albion, and my Northern Irish mate Pat was also there. By the time I got to the Albion, I think the lights out in Parramatta was already there for me…I remember very little, probably just as well as I was on an early flight the next day…

The group photo of me with everyone in the bar will forever sum my first period living in Parramatta up, but perhaps I will cherish the one of me with our pretty waitress Marlee slightly more…and there she is…

It was a long, late (or early), messy one. But it was…Goodnight Parramatta



CENTRAL PARRAMATTA – CENTENARY SQUARE – the day I had my job interview and have been living there almost all the time since:


Bars Visited – PJ Gallagher’s Parramatta, The Albion, Parramatta

Who Was There – Kristie, Michael, Brad, Michael Klamo, Tamara, Teigan, Marlee, Lisa, Phil, Ilka, Mick, Gary, Ralphie, Pat, Mr. Reed, Dave, Harry, Tommy (Paul), Hannah….(Ive left out a few and will update when I can)

Key Songs –

Men At Work – Down Under (Recorded live by me in PJ Gallagher’s Irish Pub by The White Brothers):

REM – (Its The End Of The World As We Know It) And I Feel Fine:

LIVE UPDATE – Im writing this from Glow Worm Cottages in Franz Josef on the West Coast of South Island, New Zealand. Hopefully can get proper internet soon to update. It cost me $13 just to put this online…and it wont allow photos or videos. This post has now been fully updated (and I am back living in Parramatta) – 01.03.2011.

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