Handy Tips on Relocating to Japan: Sapporo, Hokkaido

“Big in Japan” – Alphaville.

backpacking in tokyo

Drinks on a night out in Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan with Suzuki and Neil.

Back in 2012, I headed to Tokyo for my first trip to Japan. Indeed, the country shocked me by just how advanced it really is. I have a blogger friend who has been based there for years and he loves it! His name is Justin Egli and he runs the very entertaining blog, Ikimasho! While Justin chose Japan as his Asian base, I chose Hong Kong, but for those hoping to move to Japan, help is at hand. Not just for the capital Tokyo on Honshu, but other cities and islands including the popular Hokkaido, which houses the city of Sapporo.

Justin aka Ikimasho and I on the rip in Bangor, Northern Ireland

Based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, “Find Hokkaido Agents” are a Japanese based company, specialising in hokkaido real estate, Japan, serving clients from all over the world. As well as delving deep into the local market and helping many Japanese businesses, they also have a service that caters to foreigners. In the modern era, this is a great business idea to help those foreigner swho are of benefit to life in Japan, including digital nomads, English teachers, gamers, business owners and everyone in Japan to do business. While it’s not actually a “real estate agency”, it’s a 100% free referral service.

dont stop living japan

Eating out in Japan.

They have a handmade database of over 1,500 agents in Hokkaido. They help to make the process easier, especially for the language issue as they have carefully-screened agents that communicate in English . The extensive database includes agents, bankers, lawyers, etc. The company cover many parts of the island and have introductions for properties located in Hokkaido such as Sapporo, Niseko, Tomamu, and more

In terms of the actual properties you are looking at, “Find Hokkaido Agents” can help make introductions for “short term” furnished apartments (1+ month) and some share houses, as well as traditional apartments (you typically need an agent to book these).  This is certainly a great option for those new to the ways of Japan. They can certainly help with buying/selling real estate and have already helped several people get vacation homes or investment property.

tokyo japan vendors

Random street vendor in Tokyo Japan. Instant pizza!

The company have helped many people to move here whether to study, to work or to start a new life. The website also has some examples of how they helped foreigners recently, including helping an English speaker get a tax expert at short notice. So… there is real value in Sapporo, Hokkaido for travellers and those people coming to Hokkaido for longer stays. The company has many satisfied clients since they are a person-to-person service rather than digital / technology driven.

This business is also something innovative, as it was built when the owner noticed that it was hard for a foreigner to get his first apartment and as a result, has set up this cool business to help others who were in the same position as him. Often, the Japanese are nervous to deal with foreigners and therefore an introduction really helps. Visitors come to the office, outlining their issues and “Find Hokkaido Agents” aim to help them as best they can.

It’s certainly a gret new business during tough times! Check out “Find Hokkaido Agents”!

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