New Year’s Eve Is Coming: How To Organise A Safe and Happy Party

It’s already the 1st December 2021. Time really flies. New Year’s Eve is coming. This was a year where COVID struggles continued. We all kept wearing masks, trying to social distance and of course – vaccinations. New Year’s Eve in 2020 wasn’t up to much. I stayed at home in my flat and we had 4 of us eating and drinking together. It wasn’t that inspiring compared with New year’s Eves I had enjoyed before. Sydney, for example…

Last day in 2009 – partying in Sydney, Australia

So for New Year’s Eve this year, as long as there is no risk of infections or spread of COVID, it is a good idea to relieve the stress of 2021 and say goodbye to the year with a bang, by hosting a safe house party. That will of course incur some planning and ideas. Here are some cool quirks to make your NYE party the best in the neighbourhood. To start with you will need to have the date, time and venue all set up in advance, oh and send out your invitations using party invite templates. More on that later – save the date…

Jonny’s January Jump Party
My house, 18.00 (6 p.m.), New Year’s Eve 2021
“Say goodbye to 2021 and jump into January with a bang”

Here are a few tips for organising an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party.

New Year’s Eve Is Coming: How To Organise A Safe and Happy Party

1.Make it safe and healthy

For a start – be up front and honest about the safety of it all. Perhaps you want only vaccinated people there, or you want them to have a negative PCR test. It’s up to you, but all guests are different so don’t upset any of them. Make everyone feel welcome, safe in the knowledge that this is a private party with a limit of guests and some restrictions. You can send printed invites, put up posters on your walls and email your guests.

2.Prepare a THEME

Themed parties are always excellent fun. It could be fancy dress. It could be formal. It could be a “Only Fools and Horses” theme whereby unsuspecting Del Boy and Rodneys turn up as Batman and Robin! Once you have your theme, it’s time to send out those invites and I came across a great way to prepare, design and send out those invites…

Go for a theme – maybe a fancy dress party?

3.Prepare Eye-catching Invites

Everybody remembers those days at Primary School where a classmate would hand you an invite to a birthday party. Back in those days, a handwritten effort was all the rage. Now however, digital technology allows for even those who are less tech-savvy to become a designer…at least for the time where you are designing your party invites. Many online tools, apps and websites claim they can do this for you – I’d opt for using “PosterMyWall”. By using the party invite templates by PosterMyWall, you can very easily design such eye-catching party invites in no time. You simply design them with your own colours, themes, shapes, photos, fonts and you are ready to send out your invites. The added beauty of this is that you can post them, hand them directly, or these days….email the invites, or upload them onto social media. Your superb invites would look well on that private party Facebook Page! Posting on social media can help build up the excitement. 

jonny blair partying in chili blue hostel in sydney

Once the invites are printed and sent – time to party!

4.Organise a DJ or a Band

Perhaps one of your mates is a DJ or in a band? If so, you are sorted for the night’s music and entertainment. Don’t forget to book one in advance and include the details on the invites or fliers.

Get a DJ booked!

5.Prepare the food and drink

Depending on your theme, all parties must have food and drink – it’s a given! So maybe you want a Mexican theme food-wise? Or a good old craft beer night inthe alcohol department? Either way, make sure you also state this on the invite (or you could keep it a secret until December 31st!). Get your guests excited!

Decide on what food and drink you want

So once all that is done, you are ready to be the host and have an epic New Year’s Eve party! I hope this post helps you plan your party and I encourage you to check out PosterMyWall for the flyers and invites, their graphic design tool allows everyone (from marketers to small businesses to creatives) to create social media content, posters, flyers, menus, videos and more for a range of needs.

Good luck and stay safe! See you in 2022!

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