Happy New Year With Helen – 2009

I often need to reflect on the past to understand the present. It’s now New Year’s Day 2012. I’ll be 32 this year. Three years ago on New Year’s Day I celebrated with my girlfriend at the time who cooked for me and came down to visit from London for 2 days. After the 2nd January 2009, I only saw her once again. I don’t talk of her much and really shouldn’t but it’s been a crazy three years since that day.
Helen and I went out for a few months and always had good fun together. She enjoyed her pubs, her beer and her football and possessed a wondrous sense of intrigue. However things turned very sad and sour for us both in the year 2009, forcing me to emigrate from the UK. Helen ended up in hospital fighting cancer while at the same time I fell in love with a different girl at work, Pretty Woman.
It was all very sad. I’ll still try and keep touch with both Helen and Noemi if I can and if they want but from meeting them both, my life was changed forever and I simply couldn’t stay living in England.
Helen cooking for me on New Year’s Day 2009 in my flat in Southbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset, England.
Our champagne celebration together. New Year’s Day 2009.
I think of Helen now and then and think of how things went wrong but also of the good times we had. Life is fate and everything is planned out for us. Here’s to a new 2012!

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