How To Pull Off The Ultimate Sailing Vacation With Your Family

A sailing vacation will certainly be one to remember with your family. Not only can they make some lasting memories, but they are also a chance for you and your children to see more of the world. Although a sailing vacation is a lot of fun, it does require a lot of planning to get it right. This guide will tell you everything you need to know, discuss what you need, and where you can find sailing boats for sale.

Views from the boat from Uliga, Majuro to Eneko Island

How To Pull Off The Ultimate Sailing Vacation With Your Family

Be Prepared For Seasickness

Although seasickness is not something you want your family to experience, it can happen to anyone. You never know when you will hit some choppy waters, which could make you nauseous. Luckily, there are plenty of sea sickness aids that you can use, such as pills and sea sickness bands, to prevent this from happening. You can find these in your local health and beauty store. Take a look at some seasickness tips online to help you be more prepared. If any of your family feels sick while on the boat, sit outside on the top deck. Fresh air will certainly help, rather than sitting down in the cabins.

Hire A Professional Skipper

A skipper is the captain of the boat. If you want to kick back and relax on your sailing vacation, hiring one can be a wise idea. Especially if you are not qualified to drive the vessel. You don’t have to worry about the skipper invading your privacy. In fact, you most likely won’t notice they are there as they will reside in their quarters of the boat. The price of a skipper will typically depend on the size of your sailboat and how long you need them. To hire a professional skipper, start online. There are plenty of websites that give you access to a skipper database. Some websites will allow you to contact skippers directly to discuss their fees and availability.

How To Pull Off The Ultimate Sailing Vacation With Your Family

Install A Safety Net

This tip is hugely important for those who have children, especially young ones who cannot swim. Installing a safety net on your sailboat is a must. They attach around the perimeter of the boat to ensure that no young children go overboard. It can give you peace of mind that your young children will be safe on the boat. So, you can relax and enjoy your vacation. There are plenty of places where you can find sailing boats for sale online, like The Yacht Market. When shopping for a sailboat, ask the seller if a safety net comes with it. Most boats will allow you to attach one, but if you can already get one straight away, that saves you time and money further down the line.

Rent A Paddleboard Or Dinghy

Although sailing is a lot of fun, there are times when your children may get restless. Therefore, they may need to venture away from the boat. Renting a paddleboard or a dinghy is ideal for this. They will get you ashore so you can stop off for food or explore a new sandy beach. Paddleboards are also perfect for helping you explore the coastline. You and your children can investigate coves and spot some sealife in the ocean. It can help you make some great memories that your children won’t forget. You can find paddleboards and dinghies for rent online. Don’t hesitate to ask around for recommendations too. You never know if someone will have some equipment to lend you.

Pack Extra Clothing For Sun Protection

Sun protection is vital for a sailing vacation. Hot climates can take their toll on you, and sunstroke is something you definitely want to avoid. Make sure you pack plenty of light clothing. Ideally, you will pack extra t-shirts for your children. You should encourage them to wear one while swimming and sitting outside to protect them from the sun. You should also pack plenty of sunscreen and hats. It is better to be over-prepared in the sun than underprepared. There is plenty of advice online regarding sun safety for kids. It is recommended that you read some resources – so you are prepared.

Ensure Your Children Wear Life Jackets

Like a safety net, a life jacket is a must for your young children. It is recommended that you bring your own life jackets, so you have the correct sizes for your children. You can purchase these online; type “children’s life jackets” into a search engine. They should always wear their life jacket while on the move. This is not necessary if they are inside. However, once they step outside, it is a must. Again, this gives you peace of mind that your children are safe. With both a safety net and life jackets, you can sit back and relax and enjoy your ultimate sailing vacation.

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