How to Save Money While Travelling With Kids 

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How to Save Money While Travelling With Kids

Travelling refreshes your mind, body, and soul. If you are a solo traveller, all you need to take care of is your backpack and a safe place to stay when you are tired. But, if you are travelling with your family and that too with kids, then things are different. You just cannot start off your journey like that. But, you need to have a specific plan before you start as to which place you are travelling, for how many days, the total budget of the travel, if the place is kid-friendly, the crowd of the place you are travelling to, and many more to go in the list. 


Vacationing can be expensive while travelling with kids. But, you can be a smart traveller even while travelling with kids. A little bit of planning will make your vacation more enjoyable and pocket-friendly. Here are certain tips on how to save money while backpacking with kids. 

1.Set a Budget 

Setting a budget for your trip always makes you spend less and save your wallet. Anything beyond if arises, you can recheck to take up the expenditure or to avoid it. Like, you can decide beforehand on how much you are going to spend. For each activity, each place you visit, you can set a budget and spend accordingly so that you don’t run out of money. Also, for kids’ activity, you can plan beforehand on what activities they will enjoy at each place so that you don’t get confused and spend more than what you wanted to spend. 

2.Stick to your travel plan 

Alike budget, you must have pre-planned on the places you will be visiting in accordance with the expenditure. If you decide to change it, you might have a shift in your pre-set budget. Since you have your family along with kids, an extra spend is always on the cards. So, it is always better to stick to your travel plan. A slight change in place or accommodation might make you spend more. Also, be prepared for a thrift pay while travelling with kids for medical aid and other emergencies. 

3.Look for deals, reward points, offers
 While booking for your travel, make sure that you do research on the place you are planning to go. Look for dashing flight ticket offers, online hotel reservation deals, entertainment packages etc and swipe off your reward points to save on your expenditure. You can look for online hotel reservations, discounts on entry tickets (coupon sites will help you with this), special discounts for kids (some offer them for free!) 

4.Pack Food & Drinks

If you are just the couple or solo backpacker, you can very well keep on travelling until you cannot move without filling your tummy. But, when it comes to kids, they need something to munch every now and then. Make sure that you carry snacks and water bottles along with you so that you don’t need to spend extra on such things. Cookies, chocolates, less-oil snacks, fruits, instant baby food, milk powder, etc can be in your list so that you don’t need to buy them all the while you travel. Buy them from stores that give offers so that you save extra.  

5.Say No when needed 

Kids can be stubborn at times and they are not aware of the ‘spent’. They will be thrilled with the things around them and get fascinated easily. They might fall for many fancies around them and will pester you. Check for the price you need to spend each time before you go for it. And if you think the price is beyond your budget, say NO to them.  

6.Camping – entertaining and cost-cutting  

Now, this is something very optional and you can think about this if you really think the place you are heading is very much safe for camping with kids. It will give a new experience to them, to adjust to any kind of circumstances. It is cost-effective and all you need is a tent and the bed.  

poatina australia camping

Glory Days working and camping in Poatina in 2010 saving for Antarctica.

7.Book hotels that provide complimentary food  

These days most hotels offer complimentary breakfast when you book them. Look for such hotels to save money. Savour your buds with the street foods that will help you to know the authentic taste of the place and you will find them cheaper. Never head to posh restaurants if you really keep and budget and want to stick on to it.  

8. Make use of Happy Hours 

Restaurant chains like DickMonalds, Burglar Queen and many others offer happy hours to their customers where you can enjoy your food at discounts. Take your kids to these restaurants during happy hours. They will be happy, and you will save your wallet.

happy hour jerusalem abraham hostel

Happy Hour time in the bar!

9.Wise time spent on transportation

If you are travelling abroad look for cheap flight deals online. To roam around, you can choose from the local transport facility including the metros, local buses (these will help you explore the place at cheaper rates). Kids will love these rides. Spend wisely on your transportation. Online cab booking using coupons will get you cabs at lower rates.

10.Look for free things to do

When you search for destinations, check for any free entertainment activities you can try on. Look for free entry to open theatre plays, musical concerts, drama, free entry tickets to amusement parks, water parks, movies, etc. All these will keep your kids entertained and you will hardly need to spend. 

No matter how much you try, unexpected expenses are bound to happen at any point in time. Just stay calm and enjoy the trip with family and make it a memorable one. 

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