Embrace the New Career of Yoga While Travelling

Doing yoga in Vagator, Goa, India

There are so many beautiful experiences you can have in life. Many people will work jobs that drive them into the ground. They have all the nice things and have no real time to enjoy it. You can experience many things in life without working too hard to get it. Have you thought about becoming a yoga instructor? You may be surprised at the avenues it can open up for you. On my travels, I tried yoga in Goa, India and nude yoga in London, England.

Doing Something You Love 

To have a fulfilling life, it’s important to do what you love to do. If you love yogic breathing, the asanas, and meditation, it might be something you want to do for a living. You have the opportunity to share your passion with other people. You get to help others in the practice for their greater health and happiness. Work doesn’t become some drain on your life. You look forward to creating classes that will enhance someone’s life.  

You Find that Deeper Sense of Self 

If you do yoga training, you will find a lot out about yourself. It is intentionally going to be one of the most intense things you do. You may cry, you may hurt, but you push through boundaries and that makes you emotionally and physically stronger. When you are a yoga teacher, you can’t help but maintain a practice that keeps you in touch with the deepest parts of yourself. This is truly a way for living a beautiful life. 

You Remain in Better Health 

The yoga asanas help your body to maintain its strength. You have more stamina and balance too. Have you ever seen the 96-year-old yoga instructor? She is amazing. If you’re keeping a regular yoga practice, you’re going to be in the best shape of your life. You can also reduce the chances of cancer and heart problems because you’re reducing stress and massaging internal organs which detoxes you. You’re going to move more fluently and have far less chronic pain. If you want to live a life that is enriching, full of life, and pain-free, yoga really helps. 

You Feel Happier 

Not only does yoga help you with your physical strength but you also feel happier. Yogic breathing especially has been found to seriously reduce stress. When you’re less stressed, you enjoy life much more. The meditation aspects of yoga will help you find the higher part of yourself. This is a higher level of life that you may not have yet experienced but it’s there inside of you. When you tap in past the ego mind, you will find that life is a wonderful experience. Anxiety about day to day problems will subside because you have a greater understanding of what this life is all about. Yoga and all that comes with it will keep you on a higher plane of thinking. That creates a kind of happiness that can’t be touched. 

Finding Your Own Inner Light 

Many spiritual leaders talk about what it is to find your inner light. It is through yoga that you can really get to know who you really are. This is hard to explain if you haven’t delved into the question, “who are you?” When you look deep within yourself after doing enough yoga, yogic breathing, and meditation, you will start to see that you’re not the clothes you wear or the car you drive. That all you ever need or desire for true bliss is sitting within you. The body you’re in is a vessel and yoga helps to feed the mind and soul in positive ways. 

Getting Naked Again: Nude Yoga With Veronika in London, England

You Need Less and Feel More Fulfilled 

As yoga does help you find that higher part of yourself, you will find that there is no need to look outwards in order to find the fulfillment you’re seeking. You have always been the love you’re seeking. You don’t need any of the things you have to truly be happy. When you start to shed away at the layers of what you thought you knew about life, you will have less desire for things. Your mood will stabilize and you can take pleasure in the simple things. You will appreciate what you have and most importantly, the people you love. You will be freer to love yourself and others. There is no greater joy in life than that. 

Whether you choose to change careers and become a yoga teacher or just want to practice yoga more often so you can handle the life you’re in now, it is highly beneficial. Yoga gives you the opportunity to feel your own pulse, to listen to what is going on inside of you. You can manage whatever your emotions are and trust you can deal with them head-on. If you do become a yoga teacher, you can help others find this in themselves too. 

Learning Yoga for the first time!

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  • This is the awesome blog for yoga lovers and became a Yoga Teacher In the future. The yoga field is very good for start the carrier of your life. So thank you for sharing this post to us and informed us about carrier in yoga.

  • Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercise and physical activity deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you have more energy to go about your daily chores.

  • lovely post, an inspiration to continue the yoga teachings path after a wonderful studio I recently discovered closed its doors after 10 years operating . namaste

  • I am so envious of these yoga poses. I tried yoga for a while but found it hard to focus (rubbish, I know) but I have such a massive admiration for people who work on their yoga and make such amazing achievements with their bodies. I so agree, yoga is a perfect travel companion! It always makes me feel more centered and grounded, no matter where in the world I am. I would love to do a teacher training! How did you like the one you did?

  • Thanks for crafting this beautiful information. I’m thankful and humbled to you. This is the best blog I have ever read. I’m going to make sure that I will share this with my friends and relatives.

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