How to Stay Stylish While Travelling – The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to travelling, it’s always a good idea to stick with low maintenance pieces, especially if you’re going to be living out of a backpack for any length of time. Packing clothes for a trip can be such a hassle. Factor in the extra charges you’ll be paying for extra luggage and it really pays to keep things simple.

How to Stay Stylish While Travelling – The Ultimate Guide

If you want to save on luggage space while keeping your sense of style, the following tips will ensure your next trip is a good one.

Pack the Basics and Include a Few Statement Items

Fill most of your backpack (or suitcase) with basic items and you won’t need to worry about packing a different set of clothing for each activity you’re planning. Basic items include shorts, a sundress, black skirt, warm coat, and a pair of jeans, depending on the climate of course. Add a few dressy but also casual tops and you’ll be able to mix and match for a range of different occasions.

Tuesday's Travel Essentials: My New Rucksack - An Osprey Aether 70

Tuesday’s Travel Essentials: My New Rucksack – An Osprey Aether 70

If you’re hiking, team your jeans with one of your casual tops. But, if you team the same top with a black skirt, you’ll be suitably dressed for dinner or heading out on the town.

Don’t forget to include a couple of pairs of shoes. Choose classic designs and bold colours that you can wear with jeans, shorts, or dresses.

Learn How to Layer
Whether you want to dress your outfits up or down the art of layering is key. That little black dress, for example, that’s perfect for a night on the town. You can change it dramatically with the addition of a sweater or shrug. Such a simple addition makes it suitable for wearing during the day. Dress up jeans and a plain top with a colourful jacket or a scarf that doubles up as a shawl.

waras hut mount kinabalu hike

Arrival at our base for the night – the Waras Hut on Mount Kinabalu at Laban Rata.

Dress Up Your Outfits With Carefully Picked Accessories
Aim to keep your accessories simple because it means you’ll be able to mix and match them with any outfit. Keep your jewellery classic, such as small studs and a nice pendant. Add a charm bracelet into the mix, and a watch that turns heads, such as Swiss quality: TAG Heuer. If you’re a football fan of course a good Northern Ireland, Glentoran or AFC Bournemouth shirt always looks good…

Beaches of Cotonou, Benin.

Beaches of Cotonou, Benin.

If you feel the need to wear something much flashier, there’s always the option of shopping at your chosen destination. There’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find necklaces, scarfs, sunglasses, bags, or earrings you won’t be able to buy when you’re at home. It’s a great way of adding some local style as well as finding a memento to take home.

Pack for Your Destination
We’ve suggested shorts, but they’re not going to work if you’re taking a city break in Prague in the depths of winter. Similarly, you might want to leave the warm coat behind if you’re off to the Bahamas.

what to take for mount kinabalu

Pack for your specific destination

Packing for cold weather destinations is a bit trickier, but this is where the art of layering comes into its own.

It’s not just the weather that you’ve got to consider. Also be aware of the political and cultural climate of your holiday destination.

With some thought and careful planning, it’s possible to look stylish when you’re travelling, even when you’re living out of a suitcase or travelling with everything in one backpack.


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