Vanessa Lee (Fake Name), “Tumblr” and The Half Way Tree Travel Diary – You are STEALING My Photos and Words

Dear Sir / Madam,
I did link you the posts but that fake lady (Vanessa Lewis – fake name) has stolen over 1000 of my articles and posted them on YOUR site, Tumblr. Here:
EVERY SINGLE LINK you click on there goes to MY website, or the photos on that site that she also stole (screen grabs attached.
Please delete “Vanessa Lewis” and “The Half Tree Diary” (which is HER/HIM stealing ALL my articles).
If you do not click on those links and see that she is stealing my articles and that YOU (Tumblr – with the “e”) are doing something ILLEGAL.
I have reported you to the police in my home country. Next up – your country – your courts and Google.
Delete ASAP.
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2 thoughts on “Vanessa Lee (Fake Name), “Tumblr” and The Half Way Tree Travel Diary – You are STEALING My Photos and Words

  • Hi Diana, more to the point is WHY do I (having just almost died and come out of hospital) have to spend hours emailing Google, Tumblr (with no “e”) and then having to write posts like this (with videos naming and shaming to come) to expose such liars/ My site dates back to 2007 and this has happened probably 50 times. I’m the worst person any of those companies can do it to – as I expose them and humiliate them in public with blog posts. Vanessa Lee is a fake and Tumblr needs shut down. Stay safe. Jonny

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