Inca Trail Day 1 Part 6: Base at Hatunchaca

Day one came to a close in the surreal wee mountain settlement at Hatunchaca. It was misty and in the middle of nowhere. It was exactly what you should expect on this type of trek.

The whole way along the trek, it felt magical and special.

The first day was easy, bit like a walk in the park really, wasn’t strenuous at all and merely a sightseeing walk through some incredible landscape in the Sacred Valley. Then arrival at a hamlet in the middle of nowhere.

But the relaxed campsite at Hatunchaca was still a welcome rest place. The Inca Trail is not cheap, but this had many bonuses – the amazing food, AND included in the cost the Peruvian “porters” put your tents up for you and take it down. Meaning all you really have to do is walk for 4 days! My back pack only weighed about 7 kilograms, some of these porters carry half their body weight on their back.

Flying the Northern Ireland flag on the first night at the campsite in Hatunchaca.

My “tent buddy” that night was Stan from the Netherlands. A man of wisdom!

Arrival snack at Hatunchaca. Popcorn, biscuits and tea.

Our table at Hatunchaca.


My home for one night.

Stan had an excellent detailed map of the entire Inca Trail, much better than my mini maps and even my Lonely Planet book (a massive book which i carted the whole way through South America and back with).

Enjoying a Coca Tea at Hatunchaca.

The misty magic of Hatunchaca, where I enjoyed a wonderful night’s sleep and the closure of the Inca Trail’s Day 1.

From – Llactapata

To – Hatunchaca

Accomodation – Dome tent

Room-mate/Tent-mate – Stan Braak

Dinner- Milanesa Chicken, Egg and Pasta

Weather/Climate – Fading daylight mist, dampness, not overly cold



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