Inca Trail Day 2 Part 1: Early Walk to Wayllabamba

Day 2 began by wakening up to a fresh cup of tea delivered direct to our tent by the porters. In the cold misty mountains this was a lush wakening. 

There are no washing or shower facilities on the Inca Trail, but in true fashion we shared some bowls to wash ourselves.

We had our breakfast at Hatunchaca

Misty Hatunchaca.

After breakfast it was time for the proper introductions, as the first day had been meet, hike and sleep. This was a good ice breaker and we learned the names of all the porters and where they are from. Almost all of them lived in Ollantaytambo, Urubamba and Cusco.

We were also shown our flag should we get lost, we were to find the flag of the Cusco Explorers.

Wild Turkey at Hatunchaca.

Arrival at Wayllabamba,love the sound of it. It was bucketing that morning, got drenched, and even decided to wear my poncho and raincoat and cover my bag.

Passports were checked and stamped at lonely Waylabamba and we were given freedom for the rest of the day to walk at our own pace up the ascent to the peak at Warmiwanuska and onwards to the base at 

Flying the Northern Ireland flag in the rain at Wayllabamba.

After the quick stop and rest at Wayllabamba, it was onwards on the high ascent to reach our peak at Warmiwanuska,via two short breaks on the way up. If we wanted them. The views were astonishing, and I kept a fast pace all day,as was told this was the hardest day of the hike, so wanted to get as far ahead as I could.

From – Hatunchaca

To – Wayllabamba

Main issues – Had to stop for a shit, had to get my passport stamped, wore a poncho due to the weather, all uphill from here.

Key Song – La Bamba (Wayllabamba)




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